Friday, October 19, 2007


WW - Yesterday was my 3rd weigh-in at WW's. This past week I lost 1.2 lbs for a total of 5.2 lbs lost so far. You may think it silly to be excited about this small number, but this small number has allowed me to wear my favorite jeans again and drop a pants size. Woot woot! And, um, J even said my waist felt smaller. *blushing*

Birthday! - I am so not going to be a birthday whore, but I am a little excited about this year's birthday (this coming week). J wants to split my birthday into 2 weekends because my actual birth day lands on Tuesday. So, present this weekend and then he's taking me out next weekend. I feel a little spoiled and almost bad about dogging on an old friend of mine about her obsessive birthday outlook - would that be OBOD? Anyways, he knows what I really want for my birthday, and it doesn't require money. (Get your minds out the gutter!!! It is NOT sessssual.) It would mean the world to me, but I know he's got to be ready to do it for himself, not me.

I just wish he would stop smoking crack!!!!

Kidding people!!

What I really want next weekend is to put on my heels and lipstick and feel pretty. Is that vain or what? We have a sushi restaurant downtown that has a terrace on the 6th floor with an amazing view of the Mississippi river bridge in all its night-lighted glory. I would love to go there, sip a girlie martini and hold hands with my Babers while enjoying the view on that windy terrace. I would feel pretty cuz the wind would whip through my hair like fans on a model, and J will num num me because it gives me goose bumps. And I'll love it.

Christmas - I am consumed with ideas for presents, ALREADY. I aim to have my shopping done in November because I despise mall shopping with a bunch of crazy people. And their kids. And teenage girls with thongs. *cutting eyes* Okay, I won't start...

Seriously though, I went shopping with a co-worker yesterday and wanted, wanted, wanted! I take pride in saying "I don't like shopping" and being truly sincere about it. But yesterday I walked into a store that carried Vera Bradly and went beserk! Beautiful printed sunglass cases, wallets, purses, checkbook covers, sunglasses, fleur de lis jewelry! I needed none of it, but suddenly became a girlie girl (which I don't think I really am) and wanted EVERYTHING. I ended up with a pair of sunglasses because I reasoned with myself that I needed those, and didn't really need any of the other stuff. (Which is true. The actual acrylic on my current shades is peeling off. So sad.)

I take extreme care in choosing gifts for my loved ones. It is a challenge, and I love watching them open their presents and be sincerely pleased. My sister told me once that she likes to open my gift last for the build up. That made me feel really good and of course now I have to one-up myself each year. Damn it.

So I woke up in the middle of the night last night and my mind started racing about Christmas presents. I wanted all the women in my family to receive a beautiful token of Vera Bradly's! I walked through the list and then began thinking of what the men would get. Knives? Camo gloves? Dress shirts? Lap dances? *snort* Pfft. Man, I'm such a kidder today. Hee haw!

I couldn't get back to sleep. I was up for TWO AND A HALF HOURS because of this stupidity. Is anyone else this obsessed??? Please tell me if so, I need to know that I am not alone.

And J's gift is on an entirely different level. Thinking of the perfect gift for him gives me slight anxiety.

"Hi, I'm Jill. I'm a Christmas-shop-aholic."

"Hiiii Jillll."

I just read my post and realize how ridiculous it is, how all over the page it is. I shall torture you no more.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. And please, while you are stuffing your pretty mouths with pizza and beer, remember there is a skinny wanna-be dining on chicken and brown rice...


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Congrats on your 5.2 pounds. I know how huge that is.

And I hope you have a happy, happy birthday.

Christmas time already? Time to load up all my Xmas mp3s on the HD.

Chunks said...

I'm as obsessed with Christmas...maybe more so. I've been crafting for weeks now!

Congrats on the 5+ pounds! It's better to take it slow and lose it the right way rather than mess up your metabolism or some such thing.

I'm a little birthday obsessed too. 39. Thirty-frigging-nine.

random moments said...

LBB - Thanks muchly! And btw, you are so much more technologically advanced than I am.

Chunks - Crafting? *squeal* I wanna see! I have soo many ideas that I never follow through on.

39 is not old! When I need a cane or can't remember where my teeth are - that's when I'll admit I'm old. ;)

-Papa said...

Losing 5 lbs is cool, 10 lbs is a lot, and 15 lbs would be majorly impressive, however if you lose more than 20 pounds you'll need to change your first name to "Annie" and your last name to "Rexic." And don't you start throwing up on us either. :P

Nocturnal said...

I hear you re:Christmas, my amazon wishlist is already put together of stuff I'm going to buy people.


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