Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mean People Suck

I saw a comment on one of my favorite blogs today that made me feel a little disgusted. So I’m gonna vent. This may or may not open up a can of worms. But ask me if I care.

An anonymous commentator left a very lengthy, negative comment on one of my daily reads about how his blog wasn’t funny enough for him to want to visit again. He also went on about how all the comments this blogger received were fake and how they just came from people who only commented so that others would in return read their blogs in hopes to receive a large number of comments. The commenter was unnecessarily nasty, and obviously spent a good bit of time writing out this comment. A comment for a blog which he felt wasn’t good enough to visit again, but worthy of a paragraph of his worthless opinions? Make sense? I think not.


Now, is it just me, or does it this person seem way too bitter for the blog world? What loser scans blogs and is so bored that he leaves a lengthy comment about how bad he thinks it is?

Number one: If you don’t like the blog, then don’t visit. There have been many blogs that have passed my eyes for mere seconds before I’ve closed them out. I move on. I don’t choose to read the rest of the post and then leave an ugly comment about how I won’t be visiting again. It may not be my taste, but surely it’s a great read for others.

Same goes for my blog. I’m aware of my inconsistent, lackluster posts, but it gives me something to do during the day. If you don’t like it, that’s okay, move on. On a different note, I do enjoy and appreciate others who stop for a visit and a comment. It’s like I have little friendships on the bloggesphere.

Number two, the blog world is a big of world of expression. Some people create blogs to share stories and photos with family. Some people love to express themselves through writing and use their blog as a creative outlet. Some people just have some goof off time at work and need something to fill their time with. (I, being one of those people.)

These people do not claim to be the most brilliant writers (though some actually are), nor do they ask for critiques. So I’m reading this nasty comment that was left and thinking Who do you think you are?? What makes you think anyone gives a shit about your opinion? And besides that, how dumb do you look putting down others for commenting on a blog you just made fun of, when in reality you spent the time to read it yourself AND THEN TOOK MORE TIME ON THAT BLOG TO COMMENT???

Even sadder - the commenter didn’t even have the balls to make himself known. Yep, he posted as Anonymous.

Make peace with your father. Apologize to your ex whose heart you broke. Pick smoking back up. Whatever is nagging you and has made you resentful or bitter, fix it. But for crying out loud, leave innocent bloggers alone!

I’ll say it again. Loser. Get over yourself.

Now, in my blog friend’s defense, I truly find his posts funny and clever. I’m not one to comment if I don’t feel like I have much to say, but when I do comment, it is always sincere. (Or silly, or obnoxious…) I may not have many people on my blog roll, but that’s only because I have just enough spare time in my day to visit a few blogs and possibly post one myself. The blogs on my roll are ones I find interesting, clever, and definitely worth going back to every day. And this non-funny blogger is on it.

(Hey, you know who you are. Sorry if I just victimized you. I felt like beating a fool up today.)



fatwonkkid said...

don't you just love anonymous critical visit my blog and comment! :D

Steph said...

You make some good points and speaking as someone who's been lambasted both on my blog AND had entire negative blog posts written about them, it is fucking soul destroying at times, to be hauled over the coals by some anon fuckhat.

However, we have to realize that as soon as we hit "publish" on our public blogs, we're leaving ourself open for criticism and comment, both good AND bad.
It goes with the territory really. There will always be haters.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You're beautiful, RM. I've thought so since the beginning.

-Papa said...

You had me at "Mean People Suck." ;D
The blogosphere is full of people like that, closet misogynists, palpable misandrists, and people too full of hate and anger who cowardly hide behind the "anonymous" screen. However, there is a good side to all of this, you do make some sincere friends, like the Aussie chick who likes to wear her high dollar shoes on the wrong feet, and the weirdo who thinks he's Hemingway, or the girl living in "Red Stick" who gets mesmerized whenever her Beau says the word "Boob". ;P There may always be haters, but there will also be people you can always call friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. I think that it is needlessly mean. Plus pointless.

I also agree that this person needs to get over themselves, and have the balls to post with their actual name. Don't be such a coward if you have 'big' things to say.

What a jerk.

Michelle Sanders said...

*sniff, sniff* I miss you.

DrDon said...

You're right that the anonymous poster's comments were mean spirited. If you disagree with a post, you can make that clear without personally attacking and belittling someone.

That being said, I have to agree with Steph. When someone criticizes us, we can't say, "Who do they think they are?" It could just as easily be asked, "Who do we think we are to share our opinions publicly?" If you want to have a blog and share opinions, jokes, etc., you can't just limit your readers to the people who think you're fabulous. If you want to do that, make your blog private and only invite those who find you glib and witty. I also don't think that a blogger makes a good point about how immature a particular commentor is by writing another blog post that dissects the comment and makes the same kind of attacking statements. The author of that particular blog is, in my opinion, better than that.

Chunks said...

As soon as I read the first part of this post, I knew it was LBB, so then I went over and read his (I'm behind) and got all up to speed. What a clown.

Why can't someone like that come and comment at mine?!! Scared of a little PMS?

I truly love how LBB handled it though...LBB style!

Lad Litter said...

Spot on, RM! I've found the blogosphere to be an overwhelmingly supportive community. Maybe I don't get enough hits to attract flamers. But seriously, who's got time to be a troll?

Nocturnal said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this one.


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