Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Mondays Musings

I'm alone in the office and thought I'd take a moment to muse randomly...

Weekend: Lazy. I had J all to myself on Saturday, so we ran errands and ended up spending the rest of the day laying around, doing laundry, and watched the LSU game. I've been a bit down lately, as being apart from your soulmate all week for the last 7 months will do ya, so having a full day of just me and him really put me in good spirits.

J boiled some of his signature spicy shrimp and corn, and I was very fufilled - who knew "dieting" could be so yummy? WW would scold me if they saw me labeling their plan a "diet", as it is considered a healthy lifestyle, not a diet, which is a dirty word to them.

Speaking of Weight Watchers...

Weight loss: 3 lbs lost as of this past Thursday's weigh-in. I seem to be on track with what I had expected. There's nothing worse than losing weight fast, cause everyone knows how easy it is to gain it back. After 10 days of WW my favorite Victoria's Secret jeans fit perfectly again, which I am thrilled to note.

WW has a points system, in which I'm allotted so many points of food a day, depending on my age, gender, weight, height and activity level. Well, on top of that I also have a weekly points allowance of 35 to use as I want during the week. (Got that?) I can spread them out, not use them at all, or save them for a special night out. Which I did, below. I like that they call it allowance; usually I would call that falling off the wagon.

Girlie time: My friend Lola came in town Friday night. She comes in only a few times a year and she comes baring little gifts - it's like Christmas three times a year. We spent the good part of an hour trying on our dress up clothes (and for who?? Each other??) and ironing our hair, only to walk outside in the sufficating humidity and rain. *sigh*

We ended up at Carrabba's where I had a raspberry martini and Lola had a pomegranate one. Mmm. It gets better. Then I had (a litte bit of) pasgetti & meatballs and she had lasagne, and we walked next door to BoneFish Grill for pear martinis.

I had saved my leftovers from Carrabba's for J, mainly because I didn't have but a few bites of spaghetti and hated to waste all that starchy goodness. Well, J left without the leftovers and Whooops! I fell off the wagon again last night. Okay, so I'm being hard on myself as it was just one meatball. But seriously, one meatball could turn into the whole platter of pasta for me, so I scowled at myself, grabbed the offensive plastic container heaping with leftovers and chunked it in the trash.

Screw you!! I yelled at the closed trash can. You are not ruining my chance at obtaining protruding hip bones!!

Only kidding.

Favorite moment of the weekend: When J attacked me in my car before heading home.

J and I head into our home town (about 30 minutes north of where I live now) to visit our parents and a few friends on Sunday. We follow each other into town but do our visits separately. We both leave that evening to head to our respective homes: mine just 3o minutes into the city, J's a couple hours away. We meet in a parking lot on the way to the interstate for "one more kiss good-bye".

In the early days of his trekk back to the jobsite I would be anxious at this goodbye. Please stay, can't you just stay? I'd want to say to him, but now I'm better at our goodbyes. I can't say I'll ever get used to it though.

So this time I stayed seated in my car but opened my door as he pulled up. I'm leaning over to grab and show him the early Christmas presents I bought for his folks when suddenly I'm attacked by teenage boy groping and kissing and he's falling into the car with me making silly noises. Squeals escape as he lets me up for air. I love it cuz I feel like I'm making out with him maybe in my first car and I'm in highschool again. In my cheerleading uniform. With braces on my teeth. Wearing Bonne Belle lipgloss and pom poms on my seat.

We went to high school together, but never had a make out session like that. He was too scared. *wink wink* That's a subject for another post...

So I warned ya - I said I'd be musing randomly. ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You're very sweet, RM.

I hope you muse more often.

-Papa said...

A very entertaining musing, and props to Babers for the vehicle bum rush. That's one way to keep the honeymoon from ending. ;P

Lady in the street... said...

All of you guys - take it from J - that's the way to do it! I don't think I'm alone in saying I like to be attacked every once in a while...

Hammer said...

Your diet sounds like mine.

maintaining willpower is the hardest part.

Anonymous said...


You guys are so freaking cute! And I totally agree with lady in the street! Take lessons from J! He is pretty wonderful, just ask RM!

Nocturnal said...

You two definitely aren't shy with each other, enjoy.


jason said...

Thanks to all who commented on how awesome I am. Unfortunatley now I can't leave the office because my inflated head (and ego) won't fit through the door.
Love you baby!!!!!!!!!!!

-Papa said...

Does this mean instead of "Babers" we should call you "Bighead"?

Is your head so big you look like you stepped out of a Charlie Brown, or Calvin & Hobbes comic strip?

Do you feel so top heavy it's hard to walk?

When you lay down does your Bighead take up all the space on the couch or bed?

If you tried bum rushing RM in her car again, would you bang your forehead on the door?

Inquiring minds wanna know. :D

Ari said...

I need to build the momentum just to give a crap about losing weight... congrats on doing well!!

Chunks said...

I'm keeping my weight on. It will be cold and flu season soon. I'd hate to risk withering away.

GOod luck in your quest for sticky-outy hipbones!

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