Monday, October 29, 2007

Sisterly Antics and Head Colds

Saw this on PostSecret and just had to laugh. My sister and I are so likely to do this, and I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that we never thought about this before. Jenny and I have been know to ask either other about healing venereal infections, one-night stands (that never happened) and lice while scratching our heads to pass the time in a long Walmart line. We revel in the disgusted or shocked faces on people standing behind us in line. Shock value is always something we love and have strived for in every day situations. Call us bored, call us immature, but no matter how old we are, we will always dance in a vacant grocery store aisle to see if we can get away with it before another customer turns onto the aisle. And we will always laugh a little too loud at nothing in particular in a restaurant just to see if we can turn heads or make the other sister squirm from embarrassment.

Moving on....

J and I have been sick for over a week now. We are those people that sound like we're holding on noses closed with our fingers as we talk. My bathroom trash has never seen so much tissue before. We actually slept without touching one night this weekend. *gasp* I know. Its insane. We've never been sick together, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad. Comforting each other was quite nice, along with snorting and sneezing together, and drinking loads of oj together. Cooking while sick is really tough cuz you can't taste anything!

We've definitely moved into the comfort stage in our relationship, which I had (for some unknown reason) dreaded from the start. But I was so silly in wanting to prevent the comfort phase. You peeps that have been there in relationships know what I mean. It is a wonderful thing! I had bed head a good part of the morning Saturday, but did J cringe? (And did I attempt to comb said hair? Nope.) Instead, he just patted the couch, and after I had settled under the blanket with him, he just ran his hands through it until it resembled the hair I used to know. He's actually quite the hair stylist.

Back to work and drinking a little peach tea to soothe the throat. I only know its peach tea because the little packet said so. Cuz I tell ya, I sure can't taste it.

Hope nobody has a case of the Mondays like I do.


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are ok. Sick for a whole week, jeez, must be horrible.

I am surprised anyone makes comment on any of that stuff at walmart, though, to be honest.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Yeah a case of the Mondays plus being sick? Not cool. But it's good you've reached the comfort phase I suppose as long as it's not overboard. Goodluck and get well!

-Papa said...

Wow, what a coincidence, you and Babers are sick, but I called in sick this morning even though I'm not sick, I just didn't want to go to work. Get well soon. :D

jason said...

*Cough cough* *hack hack* i love u *cough cough*---spit. Smile :)

random moments said...

mister underhill - people tend to back away or act like they aren't listening. hee hee. I should grow up.

names - yes we have our borders for the whole comfort thing. no lines have been crossed, yet.

papa - Oooo I'm telling... ;) Thanks!

jason - babe. Here, let me get that. *ew* I love you back!

Anonymous said...

yucky! Hope you are feeling better!

My sister and I do that stuff, only it is mostly to our mother. hehe

Chunks said...

I love Post Secret!

That's how I knew hubby was the one. I instantly felt like I could be myself around him, have bad hair, bad breath and BO and it would still be okay. So, it's cool you are reaching these little milestones with Babers.

My book list? I usually browse the Amazon top sellers list, but some gems I find on my own or purely where it is placed on a library shelf. Sadly enough, I only started keeping track about a year ago. I've read so many awesome books that I've forgotten about! It's sad.

Feel better! Eat some garlic and lots of clear liquids.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I hope you feel better! Great that you got through it without any broken limbs or hospital visits!

You'll have to make up the night of touching when you are better - now how fun will that be!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I always give everybody the same advice: If you have a cold, find a sauna.

Only the Hand of God heals faster.

Nocturnal said...

You two are definitely in drydock for repairs from what it sounds like. Get well soon enough to enjoy Halloween.


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