Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Update

I've been having troubles posting lately, as (I'm sure) you can tell. Unfortunately, I have somehow slipped one too many times in giving my local friends my blog url. Now I have to really be careful about what I make fun of, what stories and events to talk about, yadda yadda. I've screwed myself.

No, my friends, I'm not talking about you... (its the other friends)


I'll get back on track real soon, once I devise a plan worthy of your attention. Swear. Like, totally.

Weight Watchers update: I weighed in this past Thursday to find out I'd lost only 1 pound on my second week with WW. I was a little down on myself, but then I was told hey, at least I lost something and didn't gain. Pfft. If I lose this slowly, I'll make my mark by summer. *growl*

Weekend romance: Before J moved out of town for work, he would call me at my office and ask me out on a date.

Me: Hello?
J: Um, hi, its me. I was just wondering...
Me: Yes?
J: ... if maybe, if you weren't doing anything...
Me: Yesss?
J: ....that maybe you'd like to, um, go out on a date with me. I mean, if you don't have anything else to do, that is.
Me: *grinning from ear to ear* Of course, I'd love to.

I really miss these silly work date calls. Now as you probably know, J isn't the timid guy with low self esteem. If he wanted to take me out he would just grunt "Me. You. Fooood." and I'd go put on my best outfit.


Getting off the path- we realized we hadn't been out on a date in weeks, so we made a point of choosing a WW friendly restaurant (I know, I'm even boring myself with the WW talk, geez). We settled into an Outback booth, chose our drinks, held hands over the table...all was beautiful until J opened his mouth:


I watched his eyes bounce from my face to my chest. Oops. Wrong shirt to wear to dinner. I love my man.

So yeah, nice to know you can still capture your man's attention after a year. Even if its, well, oh I guess it doesn't matter if my toes attracted him, as long as its an extension of me, right? Still, every now and then during dinner J would be talking to me, drop his eyes and mutter "boob". He really had me cracking up. Never a dull moment with that man.

Moving on....

Christmas gifts! Yes, I'm a little obsession about early Christmas shopping, and normally I'd be halfway done by now. However, I really miss being creative and decided that I was going to make at least half of my gifts this year. This is not a way of getting off cheaper, because believe me, this isn't the inexpensive route. It is, however, a more personal route. I love receiving a gift that I didn't have to ask for, or a gift that just screams "me!" when you look at it. Makes you feel loved and especially knowing the person took the time to handcraft it or to painstakingly find something that was just perfect for you.

I'm making a baby scrapbook of my new baby niece for my brother and his wifey. I've purchased one of those big mult-photo frames and am taking random photos of my nephew to place in it for my sister. I'm also going to find some older photos of him when he was a baby to put in there for tear value. *snicker* I'm evil, I know...

Also, I'm making necklace & earring sets for J's mommy, my sis-in-law, and J's brother's girlfriend. Whew. Its going to be some work, so I better get moving.

And nope, none of them read my blog. :) I'll try to post my progress for fun.

In the meantime - I need help!!! Does anyone have good gift ideas for men?

Hope all had a good weekend!!


fatwonkkid said...

so are you purely adjusting your diet or are you also exercising in addition to diet?

random moments said...

I've always been an exerciser, so yeah, I'm exercising too. I do however, plan to "up my game" from walking to running again.

Nothing like a good month of running to tighten up those abs. :)

random moments said...
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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

A sweet-ass new jacket is always a good idea.

-Papa said...

Does anyone have good gift ideas for men?
Would this not be suitable?

Anonymous said...

I made my guy a scarf last year. But he is kind of a metro man... so I dunno that it will work for all men... :-)

What are you making me?? Maybe a three paneled piece of art??? in red perhaps... ;-)


I love making gifts. I have made blankets, scarves, photo albumns, picture frames, etc. i love being a little crafty. :-)

you have some great ideas, and great job on the weight front. I need to get my butt moving! :-)

random moments said...

LBB - Ahh, thanks Wise One! He's due for a new leather jacket to match his pants.

Papa - Thanks, but, he already has one. *sigh*

Kelly - I've been making a scarf for my nephew for the past 2 years now... I can't seem to finish it!

If we lived near one another, we'd so be crafty friends!

Email me your addie so I can send your fabulous 3 panel piece of art. :)

Chris said...

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Regards, Chris
(Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)

Slick said...

Well, at least you made the meal even more enjoyable for your man :)

A watch usually works. Who doesn't need the time??

fatwonkkid said...

so since you are exercising, don't forget that muscle is heavier than fat. so you may not lose weight, but you may be losing inches. don't get too preoccupied by the scale.

i would recommend you have a pair of "reference pants" that fit snug right now. unless you measure yourself, when you start losing inches, it will be a lot more obvious.

random moments said...

Chris - I didn't post my email on purpose. Its been 3 years; I'm with someone new. I'm also done with EdenFantasys. J doesn't believe in porn. I'm sorry.

Slick - Ha, didn't think of it that way. Thanks for the gift idea!

fatwonkkid - I do gage my loss by my pants & jeans. I've just put on slacks that are one size smaller, so I'm not as discouraged as I was earlier. Thanks for the support! ;)

Chunks said...

Beef Jerky. Men love beef jerky. Well, mine does. He's easy to please.

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