Friday, January 06, 2006

Sleeping with a Spider

Last night I was getting into bed, you know, the usual ritual I have of changing into pjs, pulling hair in bun so I won't eat it at night, pulling back covers when >squeal< I see what I think is a teeny tiny crushed spider in my bed. So, I freak and brush it off real quick before I actually inspect it, then frantically try to find it on the floor behind my head board to make sure it was a spider. Eeewww! I heard somewhere that a person swallows at least 7 bugs/spiders in their sleep in a lifetime. I try to go to sleep, but I'm all itchy and have the heebie jeebies, and get up twice more before falling asleep to turn on the light and look under the covers.

Who wants to know that kind of information anyway? (Ignore the fact that I myself am sharing this unwanted info too.) When I learned this on some random tv channel, for the next few weeks I tried desparately to position my face on my pillow to be sure that my mouth wouldn't relax in the middle of the night and leave a home for any spider. Sooner or later I gave up. I mean, I've probably already swallowed one or two so far...


Walter said...

lol, love your blog, it was delightful honey,

Michelle Sanders said...

yummy...I like the hairy ones the best!

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