Friday, January 06, 2006

Over Keith Urban

I just heard one of Keith Urban’s songs from his last album on the radio, and it occurred to me that I no longer have the same feelings for him as I once did. As I wrote in an earlier blog, his songs made me want to sing aloud to my officemate, and I never missed a morning without listening to one of his cds on the way to work. Maybe his new songs just don’t do it for me, or maybe when I heard he was with Nicole, suddenly his appeal lessened.

Michelli will love to hear this. She scowls at my country music, but she no longer needs to… I think the place I’m in right now in my life requires something less sappy and sweet. Think I’ll go back to my angry rock music again. Saliva, here I come.

Sigh. Its over Keith. I’m moving on.

1 comment:

Michelle Sanders said...

finally..she returns to the dark side!

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