Friday, January 06, 2006

Recycling Men

Note: The following rant is not a man bash. I completely and utterly love men, for their strength, smell, and everything else that most women love them for.

For the last two nights I've had a couple of girlfriends drop by for a visit. Our topic of discussion was men, specifically two completely unrelated men that wronged them each separately within a 48 hour time frame. While one was a new beau who had come across another women, fell in love/lust and left my friend, the other was a man who had yet again betrayed my other friend. This man was a recycled man.

Why, I asked, do women recycle men? I am also very guilty of this. We don't finish off a can of coke and drop it in the bin, then turn around and pick it up to drink out of it again. We're through with the coke, the can is empty and can no longer do anything for us. Why would we try to reconnect with an old flame over and over again, knowing that there was a (usually very good) reason for leaving him in the first place?

I'd like to put the blame for returning to ex-boyfriends on comfort in familiarity, or perhaps, loneliness. Either way, we really should take our recycleds to the bins and leave them there.


James said...

Hey Random, thanks for stoppin by my blog.

Is it still recycling if the guy drops the girl and the girl gives him another chance?

This weekend I'm seeing a girl that I broke up with 4 years ago! I broke up with her mostly becuase she lives in Canada and I live here in the US. Long distance relationships are a pain. We still get along in this really special way and we communicate really well to each other and we have alot of passion for each other. But really all of the same issues are still there, albeit they are not so much about the relationship as they are the distance. Anyway we're seeing each other for the first time in 4 years...tonight! Yipes!

Does that make me a 'recycler'?

randommoments said...

I'm thinking that you are actually a victim of recycling. :) I say in your situation, since the problems weren't about each others' character, morals, behaviors, etc., it wouldn't be recycling in a bad way. But who am I to say? The way you write about it is so cute... I hope it went well!

James said...

It was fun, we had a great time but we both kinda realized the whole international thing was a pain and that I was stubborn about living in CA and she was stubborn about living in Canada.

Who knows...anyway I'm just happy we still could hang out and have fun like we used to. We skied in Tahoe, went to wine country, chilled in the city...all good.

Anyway, I'm movin on but we'll still be friends I'm sure. Isn't that nice? ;)

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