Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Should I even admit that we went to Spanky's this weekend? We were feeling high class, so we thought it would be appropriate. And of course, what else would you have for dessert after a night of lemon drops & beer other than South Kumfort? (location, location, location)

That's Ben and Lola at Spanky's -- isn't Ben cute? He's feeling a bit left out since he was the DD. Obviously, Chris, aka Happy Hands, wasn't our chauffeur for the night. He partied a little too hard and decided it was just too much to stand while taking a smoke break. When we found him, his cigarette was still lit in his hand...

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Michelle Sanders said...

THAT'S HOT! I love that Critter never dropped his cig! That is the best! Poor, poor Ben...he is a trooper.

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