Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower!

Etsy has an amazing opportunity for new moms and moms-to-be by providing a Virtual Baby Shower. Only a limited amount of mothers are chosen and guess what? I was picked! (Thanks again Courtney for sending me the info, XO.)

Etsy shops that cater to baby and mom volunteer to create personalized gifts to send to these mommies. The shops that were assigned to this mommy-to-be are an outstanding group of talented women. Let me introduce you to each of them and have my chance to Ooo and Ahh over the gifties they have "showered" me with. :)

Crochele Handcrafted
(click link to be directed to her shop & facebook fan page)
Facebook Fan Page

Her shop announcement begins with: Welcome to Crochele, where all products are made with the highest amount of care and attention to the smallest of details.

Michele's beautiful items are exactly that, crafted with quality, talent and care. Her giftie was the first I received and I was thrilled. Here's Michele's gift to me and Beau Isaac, a sweet beanie for his itty bitty head.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to her shop. She has a beautiful selection of baby items that would be the perfect gift for any mommy-to-be.

(click links to be directed to her shop & facebook fan page)
Facebook Fan Page

This shop has a great sense of fun, humor and whimsy. The second Etsy baby shower gift I received were Tiny Ties for our little guy. When I opened this package a smile spread from ear to ear. Our Beau will certainly be the best dressed baby on the block.

Check out her shop for more Tiny Ties, including precious little bowties. Below, the ties made especially for Beau - a perfect mix of naughty and nice: Puppy dogs and flames!

(click link to be directed to her shop)
LittleSideKick Blog

The last gift I received was too perfect for words. I didn't tell Christina that our baby room theme would be monkeys, but wouldn't you know I opened up my third Etsy baby shower gift and saw the most adorable Monkey Hat peeking out at me?

Christina has a precious selection of hats, clothing, toys, burpcloths and more for baby, handcrafted with much quality and creativity. Have a look below at the hat I can't wait to put our little guy in and then head on over to her shop. You won't be disappointed!

All of my gifties were packaged with care and though they were for baby, each package itself was so beautiful and fun to unwrap it felt like Christmas for me. As an Etsy shopper, this is just one of the reasons I love shopping with handcrafted businesses. They not only take extreme care and pride in their work, they also tend to the details.

Shop with any of these talented Etsians and I know you'll feel as spoiled as I do.

I want to extend my thanks and a big squishy prego-hug to each and every one of these amazing artists.

Crochele Handcrafted

Love & suppport to you always,

Mom, Dad & Baby Beau Isaac


Sydney said...

How fun! Those are all amzing gifts to have recieved, Beau will look so handsome in them :)

Margen said...

Congrats Jilly!!!! :)

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