Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Paw Paw Pervy Episode #51

A conversation I just had with PPP:

PPP: (mumbling) Hey girl. I just walked down the sidewalk.
Me: Sir?
PPP: (somewhat louder) I walked down the sidewalk. (he pauses, distracted by school bus passing) I SAID I WALKED DOWN THE SIDEWALK.

I look at him. At this point I’m trying to decide if I should set him in his place for raising his voice to me or try and figure out what the fuck he’s talking about to shorten the conversation and get on with my workless day.

Right now he’s gazing out the window. Cathy, my co-worker, says that old people do that. Gaze and daydream a lot. She says she thinks they may be thinking about their “time on earth”.

She doesn’t know I call him PPP. However, she does know I’m ooged out by him and his constant touching and slurring “you’re soooo pretty.” I was relieved to hear he tells Cathy the same thing and touches her frequently as well.

I hope when I get older I don’t gaze and call people “hey girl” and get frustrated if they don’t understand my incomplete sentences.


Michelle Sanders said...

Ok, no more pervy posts. Please. Seriously.

randommoments said...

hey. This is what I have to deal with daily. Moving to new office in 2 weeks and no more PPP posts.

Cross my heart.

Romantic Fool said...

You will not do that when you get older! As far as I can tell you are not a perve! You are just a little bit on the kinky freaky side! LOL!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Yikes. That's creepy.

I understand staring out the window, though. I like doing that.

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