Monday, August 10, 2009

Music Share Monday

This morning I threw a curveball at you guys:

What song(s) trigger a memory for you? I really enjoyed reading about your memories and the songs that brought them to life.

I had a hard time thinking of one song that really stood out for me. The song(s) that kept popping into my head are ones that bring memories of my parents back in the day.

Journey, and specifically the song Faithfully brings a memory from a very young age of my mother and father dancing in the den. I remember sitting indian style, my legs tucked under my nightgown before bed while the old radio was playing. I can see my mom and dad dancing; my daddy being silly and making my mom giggle.

One more: Rascal Flatts The Broken Road. This song... It is everything I feel about the journey of my life and J's life before we became a couple. We've known each other since we were 15 years old, crushed on each other, loved each other's company and humor. Since high school, we've been in and out of each other's lives. Making our mistakes, learning, growing, finding out what we want out of life and finally meeting somewhere in the middle along the broken road. Just listen to the lyrics - I can't without choking up.

My picks this week - yes, I gathered them up! These are all from my feel-good music selection.

Bloc Party – I Will Remember
Santigold – Lights Out
Muse – Starlight
Silver Sun Pickups – Lazy Eye
Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution



Heart Shaped Box (cover of Nirvina)- Amy Lee
The Animal in Me - Motley Crue
There for You - Flyleaf
I Feel it All - Feist
Hear Me Out - Frou Frou

The song that triggers a memory: Right Here Waiting by Richard Marks.

In Michelle's words: When David was over seas for work, I would listen to that song over and over again. I would call him and play it...I even emailed him the lyrics. I cried myself to sleep many nights playing that song. We had only been dating about 6 months when he left for Africa. And I was right there waiting for him when he got off that plane. The moment he stepped of that plane that song started playing in my head as he walked towards me in slow motion. I knew at that moment that he would be the man I would marry. On our wedding day, as I was standing there in my big white dress and veil, the doors opened and I saw him standing on the other end of the asle. Our eyes met and he had that very same look on his face as he did the day he stepped of that plane. I didn't see anything else and neither did he...I will never forget the look in his eyes. Later when we were looking at wedding pictures he told me he didn't even remember seeing my daddy walking me down the isle!



The song that triggers a memory (In Christie's words): Such a question for a Monday morning! So I'll just say that the self title album, in general, by Third Eye Blind, has huge memories for me. We listened to that, along with Korn, Dr. Dre, and Eminem coming home Highway 101 from California with our friend, Paul. It was the longest drive of our life, but we talked the whole time about everything. This cd was playing when we were driving along the ocean, and we decided to pull over because the moon looked like it literally was going to fall into the ocean, and the ocean was so close to the road. We played in the water, leaving the doors to the car open and listened the the music. It was peaceful and I don't think I've had another moment like that again.

Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Radiohead -High and Dry
Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine
Staind: Outside, So Far Away, Right Here Waiting
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Know Girls
Metric - Help, I'm Alive



Augustana - Hey Now
The Sundays - When I'm Thinking About You
Liz Phair - Friend of Mine
Kalan Porter - True Colors

Song that triggers a memory (In Jodi's words): Rachmaninoff Theme from Paginini - saw the movie Somewhere in Time with my fiancé at the time. I loved this classical music that was woven throughout the movie. The credits rolled by so quickly that I couldn't get the entire title so he went up to the projection booth and asked them to let us see the title. They took the lens of the camera and used it to magnify the words so we could write it down. I wanted it in our wedding but we couldn't find the music so a family member handwrote the music so it could be played. Subsequently we named our daughter after the main character in the movie.



What music triggers memories (In Rox's words): Yesterday, I was in a downloading frenzy, as our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up and I've been reflecting on all the music that reminds me of my hubby...stuff we've listened to over the years. I know I always bag on the boom-chang music, but I have always loved dancing with him, two stepping, old time waltzes, you name it.

This is a sampling of what I downloaded.

I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No - Blackhawk
Headin' West - Dan Seals (We listened to this album when we first got together)
Fast Movin' Train - Restless Heart
Some Fools Never Learn - Steve Wariner
Where've You Been - Kathy Mattea
Sold (The Grundy County Auction) - John Michael Montgomery (OMG I get dizzy just THINKING about dancing to this one!)
When I'm Away From You - The Bellamy Brothers (I could do a whole blog post about what this song does to me...)
20 Years Ago - Kenny Rogers (This is the first song we ever danced to)



Unkle Bob- Swan
Leeann Rimes- What I Cannot Change
Tegan and Sara- Dark Come Soon
Mandy Moore- Gardenia
Lifehouse- Storm


I just have to say that Sara B's song Gravity has been in my head since the dance Kayla & Kupono did on addiction on SYTYCD. The dance was breath-taking and brought tears to my eyes it was so moving.... that song, I feel, was what made the choreography that much more powerful.

If you wanna hear it pronto, its playing on my blog ipod now...

Keep remembering.

xo Jill

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Kelly said...

I'm totally missing these assignments... :-( Sorry!

I love it when these posts come up... but usually I am at work when I read them for the first time and it KILLS ME to wait all day to get home and listen to all the stuff posted! I have definitely gotten some new favorites out of it so far! :-) I love this!

And geesh... mine are kinda dark this week. Not really sure why, but must have been a feel-sorry-for-yourself kind of day.

Also. I am a horribly bad penpal lately, and I'm sorry. I am living in mayhem with my sister and her family of FIVE... so I'm totally distracted! I will rectify this situation, promise!

LindseYaYa said...

Hello shugs,
Okay. I'M IN!!! For the past week, I've been jotting down a list for you... I call it my 'Mommy's Little Helper' sahm list. ;)

So put me on that email list and prepare your ears to be razzle.dazzled by my frickin music genious.ity. ;)

xo, sweet girl!

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