Monday, August 10, 2009

My bubble

I'm generally a pretty happy person. Mornings are my thing, so I usually wake up picking around with my husband and mini monster puppy. I find joy in cooking, tidying and - *gasp* - even laundry. Lately nesting is all I want to do.

Yesterday J and I had lunch with the parents at this great lil pizza joint. I am now in heart with that little place because of a small yet highly significant conversation J and I had there about a month ago. Yes, I can make even hole-in-the-wall pizza joints sentimental these days...

At Home Depot later, we tried to make sense of paint colors for our kitchen. Purchased a funky lamp for the den and some outdoor solar lights for the flower beds. Going home and putting everything together and in their new places felt awesome. It made me HAPPY.

I then happily grilled steaks and made julienned potatoes while my hard working hubbers relaxed on the couch. Worried a little when he ate less than I, but let it go when he called me outdoors to look at the night sky. Pink cotton candy clouds floating along the dark blue and it was so beautiful.

Life is good, I thought. Its been my mantra for over a month now.

Mini took off after the neighbor's cat for the 148th time. J hollered at her to come back and I shrugged. She'll come back eventually, I said, not bothered in the least. This usually bothers the tar outta me and I'm sure to give her the stink eye and cold shoulder when she misbehaves. Instead I shrugged it off.

What's that about?

*sigh* So, my point. Is there just so much happiness in the world? Will this go away? Can I keep it for a little while longer? And most importantly, how in the world can it get any better??

I think it will. I just hope it doesn't burst this lovely bubble I've been living in.


Kelly said...

what a great post. I felt happiness FOR you! :-)

Christie said...

I miss that stage of our life. But it gets better, too. Even with the chaos of kids, there is magic in that chaos. That moment of peace at the end of the day, the minute you find that persons hand when you finally crawl dead tired into bed. It's the stages that make it.

I'm all sentimental after an overnight stay at a gorgeous hotel. Can you tell.

Rox said...

I don't even know what to say except I'm so happy that you're so happy!

(I kind of feel like a dusty old curmudgeon in comparison! LOL!)

C said...

long time no say hi so HI! it sounds like you are doing great, girl! i am happy for your happiness.
you deserve it.

all the best to you both.


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