Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A name for our little monkey

For us, picking out a name for our child gave us a bit of anxiety. The permanence of it. That along with making sure he or she didn't end up with initials that would ensure childhood jokes. And last but not least, choosing a name that wouldn't blend into the crowd or end up on the Top 10 Baby Names list the following year.

We wanted something strong and unique. Something we wouldn't grow tired of. A name that fit us as parents as well as our baby.

After weeks of tossing around names we decided to sweep the issue under the rug until the sonogram. Once we found out the sex of our child we'd be able to eliminate half the names.

A couple of weeks or so after we found out we were having a son I got a text from the Baberhusband with an idea. A name. One that finally stirred something inside me. Just the night before we retired a name we were sort of holding onto, a name that we liked but had reservations about. When we found out yet another person named their son that same name we both agreed to lay it to rest. So, reading this text from J excited me:

"What about Bo?" I stared at the text. Bo. And then it clicked. I immediately called him.

"Like from the childhood story you've told me?" Yes, he tells me. I get a little teary-eyed, but being the commitment-phob I am, I tell him maybe, that we would have to talk more about it and likely spell it a different way. Beau was much more pleasing to the eye, I thought. He agreed.

My husband was a very mischievious little boy to say the least. I love when he starts in on one of his stories from his childhood... how he and his cousin did such-and-such and got in trouble for it, how he accidentally locked and shut the door of his mom's truck while his infant brother and the keys were still in it because he wanted to "Help Mommy". So many hilarious stories of he and his grandfather.

When J told me how as a young child he was unable to pronounce "boy" and said "bo" instead, it melted my heart. Patting his lap for Jason to sit on, his grandfather would say "You my little boy?"

"I not a little bo, Paw Paw," he would say. "I'm a big bo."

I spent some time saying the name in my head. I loved the sound of it. Most of all I loved how it just felt right. It was like the saying When you know, you just know.

And so from a sweet little memory of my husband's childhood comes our son's name. Beau Isaac. Isaac is Jason's middle name, a family name. One that we both love because of its strength and uniqueness and have always agreed to carry on.

Beau is also a very strong name... it means handsome. How much better can you get than that? ;) More than anything I love that my husband picked it out. It makes me feel proud to be his wife.

Today I'm 26 weeks, 4 days pregnant. And that much closer to meeting our little Beau Isaac.


capperson said...

Aww I love it! And the story is soo cute! I believe one day when y'all tell him about his name he will be very proud to know the story behind it :)

Courtney Le said...

That makes me want to cry. I guess the pregnancy hormones are already kicking in for me. I love that name btw

Margen said...

I LOVE it- it's also very "southern" which is something very dear to my heart! I love your blog ssssooo much- You really must blog (or just tell me) about how Jason got his nickname.. :) OH and does he have a cute nickname for you??

*hugs for you and Beau*

C said...

yes jilly, Beau is french for handsome. and since you guys are from louisianna it has another connection!!!

i LERVE that name for your son and i knew when you guys picked one, it would be a cool name like that.

cant wait to see his face on here!!!!


and prayers for your lil family!


Sister Copinherhair said...

I love it! It's a great story too! I knew a Beau in high school and he was VERY handsome. :)

Sydney said...

what a wonderful story behind the name! It makes his name that much MORE wonderful then it already is. Growing up I had a name no one else really had and I loved it, I think Beau is a FANTASTIC and PERFECT choice and your little man is going to love his name :)

LindseYaYa said...

love the name, love the story! It's perfectly perfect. :) I can't wait to see his handsome face. xo

Melissa said...

Love the name!! :)

Christie said...

Love it! Congratulations on picking such a strong name.

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