Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life's a Beach!

If there is anything obvious that Jason has changed about me, it would definitely be my spontaneity. Before him, I really didn’t have any. But, I know how much he loves being spontaneous and so this past weekend for his birthday, I threw a comment in the air about going to the beach for his birthday. I hesitated before saying it, being the planner that I am, but once I saw his excitement I was in for it.

Together we probably spent about 4 hours on the phone and internet trying to find a place to stay in the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area. If it wasn’t sold out, it was priced at a ridiculous rate. We ended up broken hearted believing that our little last minute plan had been squashed. We woke up Saturday morning still anxious to get away, so we jumped out of bed to start packing – destination: Biloxi beach!

Now, I’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories from people that have visited Biloxi. I’ve heard about how much has changed and how the rebuilding process has been so slow. We knew it wouldn’t be the same as trips to Biloxi before, but we still wanted to play together at the beach and I guess we were in denial about what to expect.

The beach line was completely vacant. Trying to find a place to eat, or even something as simple as a bag of ice was really trying. We’d see a restaurant sign in the distance and get excited, only to be knocked down as we got closer and saw it was only a sign, that the restaurant itself had been destroyed.

Despite the disappointment and shock, we still had an awesome time. As I said to my mother when she warned me before we left that there was nothing to do: Jason and I are not just a couple, we’re best friends – we’d have fun in a room with no windows. Just being together, making drinks and being silly, filling the Jacuzzi tub with overflowing shampoo suds and talking… serious fun. Not having any distractions really filled this void for me with him being gone during the week. And I think this weekend gave me a new appreciation for him: the man is an optimist. Almost to the point of annoyance. Okay, so not really – the only annoying thing was realizing that I’m not the optimist. (And I’d so like to be one!!) It was pouring down rain with no chance of hitting the beach the first day we were there, and I never heard him complain or give up on the trip.

I just have to complain about one thing – sunburn!! I have serious side boob burn (that one’s for you Babers!)


Anonymous said...

Wanna open a jetski rental and live on the beach? You could be my beachbunny!

Dave Morris said...

Life's a beach! Glad you guys enjoyed it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Let me know if you need somebody to apply a salve.

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