Monday, June 18, 2007

The Sleeping Memes

I saw this while visiting Blogarita and thought it was cute, so of course I had to "borrow" it!

6 Weird things I do while getting ready to sleep or while sleeping:

1. I get irritated and cannot fall sleep if there is any sound in the room other than the fan whirling or the air conditioner going. For example, a dog scratching in the room or people outside talking will keep me up. However, I can fall asleep sooo easily (unintentionally) while watching a blaring televison.

2. My only sleeping position is on my tummy with one arm under my pillow. The only time this varies is if I decide I want to jack one of my legs up on the side of me. I cannot fall asleep any other way.

3. Relative to #2 – When Jason’s home on the weekends, I love love love cuddling with him right before falling asleep, but I can’t actually sleep that way. So we roll over to sleep the way we must, but our legs or feet have to be touching or tangled up together in order for me to crash.

4. Not really following the title, but: On Thanksgiving day, all the women make fun of or fuss about all the men in the house falling asleep right after stuffing themselves with turkey and dressing. I secretly wish I could kick back and fall asleep with them, but don’t want to be talked about by the rest of the women.

5. I prefer to and will probably always sleep in shorties and a t shirt. Non of this pretty lingerie in bed, or baby dolls or a la nakedness – I’ve tried. Really, I have. Just can’t seem to kick the comfort habit. (So sorry Babers…)

6. Before getting into bed I always check behind my shower curtain, in my bedroom closets and under my bed for intruders. This started the first day I moved out on my own and I imagine will continue until I’m living with someone who can protect me.

Looking at my 6 items, none of them are really weird except for maybe #6.


Blogarita said...

LOL at No. 6. I'm lucky if I remember to lock the front door! :)

Violet said...

Yeah... I don't do the whole sexy nighty thing, either. Do people actually wear those to sleep? I'm with you: t-shirt and shorts all the way.

Magnum PO said...

It's healthier to sleep on your back. I have no idea why.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

No. They're ALL weird, Random. They're ALL WEIRD.

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