Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So apparently I've been very opinionated lately.

Not sure what that is about. I'm waiting on someone to tell me off or something. Though, surely, as I tend to lean towards the dramatic, my mother will likely leave a comment telling me I'm not as harsh as I think I am, and to get over myself. :) (And yes, I'm very aware that I can be dramatic sometimes. You should see my siblings. Sheesh!)

A friend calls me last night bored out of her mind.

Now, this person may or may not read my blog so I don't want her thinking I'm talking behind her back. Its more about the topic than anything, really.

I've noticed a good many people commenting on how bored they are recently... that there's nothing to do. Well. I do declare my lovelies, there is PLENTY to do. It may be the weather getting people all restless, so here, let me give you something to do:

Weed your garden. Or plant something new! Give yourself a little exercise, enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze. Right now the weather is perfect in Louisiana and I'm going for a walk this evening with my little sis to enjoy it.

Go for a walk. As I am, said above. Get a partner to go with you or throw on your iPod. Not only does it get your blood flowing, it will boost your mood. Promise.

Cook ahead. I rarely do this anymore, but when J was living out of town I often would cook a pot of something out of sheer boredom. Freeze it for later, use it for leftovers, or better yet - call your neighbor/friend/babysitter/kids over for a taste. Or your parents. Or the mailman.

Read a friggin' book. Sorry, I'm full of attitude lately. But seriously? Never tell me you're bored. I will THROW half my book collection at you. If you don't like to read, buy a magazine. Or even better, subscribe to one. They are ridiculously cheap and can advise you on being a better cook/lover/daughter/wife or better your workout routine. And reading, by the way, is an excellent way to keep your mind agile and young.

Rent a movie. DO IT. Know how you're always that person that has yet to see the classics that everyone quotes from? Fix it. $5 a movie rental. Or buy them in the 4 for $20 rack at Blockbuster.

Clean. Yes you heard me. And then if you find you are still bored after you've cleaned your entire house, you can come do mine.

Paint your toenails. This is for the person that hates to do all of the above. And if you don't want to do your toenails, well then, I simply cannot help you.

What do YOU do when you find yourself BORED?


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Man...I only wish I had the time to be bored! I don't think bred has entered my vocabulary for years.

Nature Girl said...

Bored? What's that? I'd give my right arm to be bored for just one day!

when I find myself with some "spare time" to breathe and some nice weather, I like to hit the trail with my camera..

or go kayaking...

or learn something new...

or climb a tree..

yeah..I'm almost 40 and I still climb trees..it keeps the boredom at bay..

Tookie Tail said...

I love your post! LOL Drama is our second name. So what? At least we're not boring people!! hehe It's the artsy fartsy side of us!! I can only guess who was bored.lolol Ok...I'm hushing! Now calm down. High blood pressure isn't healthy! :)

Anonymous said...

haha :) you're so funny. I'll remember not to tell you that I'm bored or you'll throw the books at me ;)

Meg Kathleen said...

I think you covered them all. And while you're throwing your book collection at them can we throw mine too?

C said...

BORED? whats that? i am never bored. there are times when i choose to do nothing but thats STILL doing something. i am just choosing to be lazy. i can always think of something to do here, with either the kids, the dog, or diane... or my friends. i do require alone time and when i am alone, i surf the net, listen to music, cook, clean... what have you... but i am never bored.


Roxrocks said...

I am also never bored. The youth? Oh, those little buggers are bored all the time, according to their FB status updates! I can always find something to do, so I am never bored. I think most people suffer from restlessness. They always want a parade!

Anonymous said...

um... I facebook...


great list, bossy. ;-)

Jay said...

My interests vary between taunting the homeless and applying for reality shows, but I still manage to keep busy.

Christie said...

Read AND watch Twilight. Repeat as necessary. Play on Facebook.

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