Monday, April 13, 2009

The Wedding Remix

Tap, tap, tap. Testing one, two. Testing one, two.

Okay so, I feel a little rusty. Bear with me?

Its been a while since my last confess-- err, blog post. As in a real one. I'm aware of it, believe me. The one thing I usually thought about all day suddenly became the thing I avoided, the thing I dreaded.

Have I told you how I run things into the ground? Yeah, I do. But I'm back and hoping to redeem myself.

I've got photos. Lots and lots of photos. Wedding photos, cruise photos, Easter photos. For the sake of keeping things in order, I'll start with the wedding. And I WAS going to post the photos in a slide since there were so many but ate my photos not once, but TWICE. ARGH!!! Not a good way to start out my first post back.

I've only posted a handful, there are TONS.

If you hate men, disagree with marriage and despise blushing brides, do not go any further. You may lose your lunch.


Chloie said...

First commenter, yay! I so missed you!!!

Very nice pics. I enjoyed looking at them. You are so pretty!

C said...

beautiful pictures, jill! wow a wedding to remember for sure.


Roxrocks said...

Did you guys end up taking a hand pic?

Tookie Tail said...

Awwww brings back such fun memories! :hic: thanks to Dana! hehe

random moments said...

Chloie - *blush* thank you!! I've missed you guys. I'm coming round to visit, I'm missed so many of your fabulous reads!

C- it really was. And some didn't remember much at all, hehe.

Rox - we did... long story. My MIL scanned my photos and some came out as TIFs which aren't compatable with blogger. When I get the cd from the photog, I'll upload them ALL (including hand photos) and just post a link. :)

Mom - It really WAS a fun night. Boy did it fly by. And yes, thanks Dana! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I love the disclaimer before the photos start.

You guys were all so beautiful! Where did you have your wedding at? It looks like some kind of gallery in some of the photos.

Cheryl said...


random moments said...

Kelly - Yes it was an art gallery! Such a beautiful place. I'll try to post photos of the grounds soon.

Cheryl - No, YOU ARE. ;)(And thank you.)

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, you're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

seriously, that is the coolest idea, Jill! I love it.

Sydney said...

Stunning photos!

Ashley said...

You look so beautiful in these pics!!!

I love weddings :)

Aeryn said...

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous bride! You look so pretty! Best wishes and a life filled with love and happiness!

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