Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Dollar Friday is ON!

Like Donkey Kong. (Not sure where that came from...)

Hey girls - sorry I'm late getting this going today. See below for rules, they'll probably change every time I do one of these... Still working out the kinks!

Everything in the Five Dollar Friday section is game.

RULE: Buy one item at REGULAR PRICE and receive the next item(s) for just FIVE DOLLARS. Five Dollar items are only those found in the FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY Section. The regular price item will be the highest priced item or anything chosen outside of the FDF Section.

Put your items in the cart and proceed to checkout as far as you can without paying. I will send you a revised invoice shortly reflecting the discount.

Buy three or more items and get FREE SHIPPING!

Stay tuned for Mother's Day Sales!





Polgara said...

I love love love your wedding photo's!

Hope all is well

Pol x

Anonymous said...

great jewlery!!

jason said...

Ho-hum--- I miss your blogs.

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