Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hello, hello....

Is there anybody out there?

Just me. Saying hi. So, hi. Sorry I've been a bad blogger. Let me get some things out of my system...

  • Summer is here and boy is it obvious. The hot, humid heat in the mornings, the weekend rides on the river, the slow downfall of household chores... I wonder how many times I can put off mopping the floor with the excuse that "we're going riding this weekend and surely will track in dirt, I'll mop after"??

  • Babers and I just made 3 years together. Although we've know each other since 15 years of age, this little number 3 is amazing to me. And yet, tricky. Was it really three years ago that we both, on opposite ends of town, got ready unwillingly for a night out with our relentless friends, only to spot each other at the exact same bar and fall madly in love with each other? Was that really three years ago??

  • Speaking of time together - today marks 5 months of being married. Time flies by so fast. We've definitely hit the comfort zone. Have our little routine in order. I'm greeted each evening with a wild Mini Monster and kissie faced husband at the door... then off to make dinner... to eat dinner... and to sprawl out together on our new obnoxiously large sectional, a laptop in his lap, a book in mine. I love that we're so comfy with each other. I often feel like bursting during evenings like these, knowing that we will have this peaceful, comfy connection always. That we found each other and can enjoy each other along with our favorite things.

  • J just got back from the doctor, only to find out he has high cholesterol. He turns 30 this year. I made 30 in October. For some reason I'm having a really hard time with 30. I embraced the number, stuck my tongue out at my siblings who poked fun of my upcoming age and said "I'm ready for this!" And now, it takes more to keep toned, I have to watch my diet a little more, and here comes J with his high cholesterol saying "Ugh, this takes the fun out of food!" Welcome to my world, I tell him. But we'll take it in stride. Adjust as needed. Life's all about challenges, and if it weren't, this would be an awfully boring world.

  • One big reason for my disappearance as of late is that our laptop is on its last breath. And now suddenly its not connecting to my camera, so my jewelry shop is suffering as well. We need a new computer badly, but as a newlywed, there are so many things on our financial plate.

  • Things are changing at work. I went from loving my job to dreading getting up in the mornings. Now all I can think about again is going full time with my creative side, but the how is such a biggie.

  • Jason is going back to school! I love that he wants to better himself. To better "us". He's so the opposite of me right now and it inspires me. He won't start until the fall, but I'm already wondering about the changes we'll go through as a couple. For instance, I'm used to having him home in the evenings. He'll be taking night classes, so we'll unfortunately have to miss a few dinners together. (I know, you're like COME ON WHINEY BABY!) Ha. But, things will be fine. We're strong and I'm actually looking forward to a little change. Hell, we made it through a year of long distance loving. I think we can handle anything together. We're a great team. :)
I feel like I need to take a deep breath after that. It feels so odd, blogging. I'm out of practice. I still stop in to read your blogs, but I often just feel as if I have nothing good to say. The main reason I haven't been blogging regularly, I guess. I should though...and yet one needs to be inspired to be creative.

Maybe what the future holds will spark my writing bug again. Let's hope so. I miss this.

Signing off for now - xo Jill


Kitty said...

Good to see you Jill. It's your blog, so you get to write when you want to. About whatever you want to.

Take care of yourselves. x

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see that you posted. I miss your fun and wittiness. Believe me, I know life can get so busy, but drop in once in awhile, don't forget about your bloggie friends.

Roxrocks said...

You two kids are so adorable with your young love! LOL!

I too have been putting off the scrubbing of the floor. It's sad actually. I dropped something yesterday and noticed all the dirt under the loveseat and immediately went into denial mode.

High cholesterol?! Oh my! You'd better start tossing salads and eating skinless chicken!

When are you guys gonna make some babies for you to blog about? :o)

jason said...

It only took 3 comments before someone dropped "the baby bomb."
I miss your blogs, they're like the Cliff's Notes of what goes on in that pretty little head.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Glad to see you back! Congrats on the 3 years and 5 month anniversaries!

Anonymous said...

missed you! Life's not the same without my Jilly soulmate.

And in reference to Jason, you can have kids whenever you feel the need to to pop babies out... but I don't allow mommy blogging. Unless the kids are absolutely and incredibly adorable and bad. I don't 'my kids are so cute and well behaved, every one else's kids suck'. I want 'my kids are incredibly cute, but damn look what they did to my WALL!!' That's the only way you are allowed to have kids and blog about it. ;-)

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