Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't be that person

The clock is ticking so slowly this morning... at noon I'm leaving work to visit my best girl D in Houston. The last time we hung out together was at me and J's wedding in December, so its past time for some girlie silliness and mostly likely some obnoxious camera action. Undoubtedly there will be a photo post at my return!

A couple of pretties to share with you:

One of my usual vendors had these pre-made and I fell in love with them. I won't be selling them in my Etsy shop since I didn't make them. They're $28 each if you're interested, free shipping.

And now, for a round of Don't Be That Person.

This morning I was stuck in a line of cars on my way to work doing 30 mph in a 50 mph zone. Once the 2 lane turned into a 4 lane, I passed the jackass keeping me from making my destination on time.

It was a woman, on her cell phone. *stare* If you cannot drive obeying all traffic rules (including speed limits) and talk on your phone on the same time, then get off the freaking road. Don't be that person.

I have two friends, one of which is married, the other who is single and madly in love with a guy friend of theirs. The single chic admitted this to us the other day. Now, the married friend proceeds to priss and prance in front of the other girl's crush. Flirts with him madly in front of her. Attention whore? Don't be that person.

Go ahead, share one of yours in the comments box. I'm in a mood today and I'm sure someone will pass through this blog that needs to be reminded of what not to be. ;)

Hope you lovelies all have a great weekend!

xo Jill


Roxrocks said...

Don't get me started! Those people are what make me want to stay in my house in the woods! LOL!

Nature Girl said...

I can't go there, I'll never stop! Never. Seriously...I won't...

Have a FANTABULOUS time with your GF...Yay for girltime!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I can go on forever about people that bug me.
I love the necklace on top, it's so pretty!

poet said...

I grew up in Europe, so I am very astonished at what Americans do while driving. I can understand how you can eat, drink, and maybe even talk on the phone (though I would never). But imagine this: I was going on the highway, admittedly in slow rush hour traffic. I was trying to change lanes and signalled. The car beside me, going at slow speed, didn't do anything to acknowledge my presence or let me in. The reason: the lady at the wheel was painting her eyelashes while driving. On the highway. In clogged traffic. ... oh well.


Joe said...

In a rush to get to the escalator, the person cut off several people who were lining up to get on. She then proceeded to stand there blocking the left side which, as we all know, is there for people who want to walk up. Don't be that person.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW those kind of girls. Such a shame they have to be like that. Makes me want to smack them. ugh.

Ari said...

I do make a point of observing people who are committing bonehead moves on the road. Nine out of ten, a phone is attached to an ear. Ugh.

Glad to hear stuff's going well!

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