Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I need an assistant

Seriously. When did the craziness start? Was I aware as it came barrelling towards me? Or was it a slow build up?

A co-worker's mother passed away this morning. Its been a while since I've gotten close with a co-worker and I consider the girls I work with now great friends. I care about them. So hearing the news this morning about her mother just broke my heart. Of course, with hearing that, my own thoughts went spiraling out of control about the loss of my own parents and later on, how my future children will feel when I leave this world.

J's laptop was brought to the doctor today. Its in surgery as we speak. I wonder if after it's slate is wiped clean, whether or not we'll be able to use it again. Its a 50/50 chance. In the meantime, without it, I'm having to do a good bit of my sideline jewelry work during the tiny breaks in my work schedule on my office computer. Can we say multi-task? I feel crazy in the head from doing this.

Oh! Go look at what I've been working on too! New Chunkies!!

On other electronic issues: J's PSP has died, along with his phone (which he intelligently placed in the "dry box" of his 4 wheeler while doing water wheelies this weekend). Does it come in 3's?

I have a million jewelry orders, including some custom ones. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this like you wouldn't believe, but I think most people would be doing this full time sans boring office job. So, I need an assistant. I wonder if I could teach the Mini Monster to pack and ship....

Listen to me whining and complaining. Pfft. My. Life. Is. Good. Somebody pop me a good one.

On the Marriage Front: J and I haven't snuggled for the past two mornings. I think we'd headed towards divorce. Or maybe I need to hit the treadmill harder. Or start wearing lipstick again. Or something.

On the Health Front: Totally digging this new outlook on eating healthy. At the moment I'm making J's "cholesterol" the focus (he would give me a go-to-hell look right now if he could read this, but he can't read my blog without a functioning laptop right now so Hmph!) and therefore its taking the focus off of MOI. So, cooking healthy is so much easier for me because I'm taking care of my husband, I'm nurturing him. And I end up eating it too and I can totally feel a difference! Plus, it doesn't feel like a diet when I'm doing it for my love bucket.

On the Car Front: Car was making serious noises. Embarrassed me often pulling out of parking spots. J admits he is NOT mechanical. But do you know that little sh*t detected it was my back brakes and changed the pads for me all by his lonesome?? Quiet car + $50 (as opposed to $500+) = Very Happy Wife.

Anybody got an installment of Don't Be That Person for me today? I would love to hear some. :)

Oh! And check this out! My co-worker sent me this earlier and I almost fell out my chair laughing: Send me your links if you do it! I wanna see!

Yes that's J, and yes, if the lack of snuggles won't separate us, this just may...

Happy Hump Day you guys!

Love, your crazy bloggy friend - Jill


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger, glad to hear you're doing well!
Your new pieces are fab! And that face in hole in just funny!

Anonymous said...

I love the new pieces! I'm so glad this really took off for you! (I don't know if I have said that enough yet. hehe)

random moments said...

Marbella - Thanks! I just checked out your lovely organized craft space - I'm so envious! Its wonderful!

Kelly - that was hilarious! I think you should spray tan your face too though to match your sessy body. I'm just saying.

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