Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Learning Curve

Um, hi. *dusting off blog cobwebs* I know my posts have become sparratic and practically non-existent these days, but its for a good cause. :)

I'm learning a lot these days since I've plunged into my jewelry business full time. I've got a lot to say, so brace yourself.

I've learned that I am definitely a creature of habit, of schedule. One who needs order and routine. Yesterday I all but growled at my poor husband for coming home early. The weird thing is... I LOVE when he comes home early. Its quiet in this home apart from the tv in the background and Mini puppy snores. He comes in with a smile and kisses for me, and yet I felt irritated. Felt, torn by it.

I had gotten into a routine. 6 am wake up, getting him off to work with lunch and goodbye hugs. Onto computer to process orders. My work day continues and by 2pm I'm doing housework and prepping for dinner.

I loved having him come home around 5-6ish and sniffing the air full of comfort food aromas. Commenting on how pretty I look today and how nice the house looks. With him coming home early recently, its thrown off my schedule. He's in before the housework, before dinner, before I've primped. I feel less successful because of this and I know that's silly. Its like the mystery is gone. I don't have a magic wand anymore.

Baber, I'm soorryy. This is me apologizing, again. Most of you know my husband reads my blog. And you know he loves when he's the subject. (What man wouldn't??) Though I apologized for my irritable mood yesterday and this morning, I thought a public apology could do nothing but fluff his ego, right? For him, its probably the equivalent of coming home with flowers when he's saying sorry.

So there. I love you Baber. Come home early today. Please? :)

This morning I put housework first. I just took all my nice work slacks off hangers and folded them to be put away. To bring my jeans and shorts in the front. It made me smile. I'm learning that I am a lot more colorful than I thought I was, now that I don't have to pull on my black slacks every day.

Another thing I realize is that while I may not have the drama I had to deal with at my past jobs, there will always be negativity. For instance, in the world of crafts, there are lots of copycats out there. And some are so obvious. It just.... makes me really sad that some people out there call themselves artists and yet cannot come up with their own original ideas. Aren't they ashamed?

Last but not least, I've learned that just because I'm at home now doesn't mean I'm not busy. Some people think this is a joy ride. Like some think SAHMs just sit at home and watch soaps... So not true. I know their days are filled with chores, child care, errands, meals and more. Its a busy lifestyle but its worth it. I'm up before sunrise every morning and some days I work up until bedtime. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it and wouldn't trade this blessing for anything, but I am actually working harder than I was at my office job.

I am less obsessed with my body now. No skinny chics around whining about how faattt they are, how they need to lose weight. I'm no longer comparing myself. And while I'm less fat-free food conscious, I'm exercising more.

Grocery shopping no longer feels like a chore. J hasn't been to the dreaded Walmart in a month and he's loving it.

I'm generally happier. Floating even on some days. Being creative is like a high for me. I was scared I couldn't do it on command, but I've learned that's just a challenge.

Things even out. Life stays balanced if you work at it. I'm learning something new every day about myself, my husband, my family. Who's behind you, really supporting you. Who you thought were friends, but who really aren't.

I'm getting there... and I'm sure there will be more posts like this to come. :)


LindseYaYa said...

Well, this is just what I've been waiting for. With you being out.of.touch since your big.reveal, I knew this update could go either way. I'm so happy that it's falling in to place for you both. And you are right- nothing is easy about it... it just feels right. Again, kuddos to your guts. Because it takes a lot of them to take this step. And kuddos to the Baber for realizing how important it is to support this effort... he has now put himself into the 15% category. Meaning, only the top 15% of men out there are made out of the stuff he is. Cream of the crop! ***so***happy for you. Oh, and Erica gets steamed at her copycats, too... but don't give them too much of your energy! :)

Christie said...

I am so happy for you, Jilly! I love the routine of my life now, I love my alone time. I savor it, really. I enjoy doing what I do for the first time in a long time. And isn't that what life is supposed to be about?

You said it all perfectly! I can't wait to come visit and see you in action.

Michelle Sanders said...

Yey! I'm so happy for you! You do your thing and let the pieces all fall in place! And yes, I totally understand the structure thing! When i was layed off I struggled with that. Just find your schedule and remember to give yourself breaks and permision to stray from time to time!

C said...

hi jill- i am SO proud of you, watching you blossom as you are! all these things you mention are just adjustments and you are developing your own routine based on what you want to accomplish everyday. you are doing great! AND you are only human, if you are a tad grouchy every now and then, its all good... normal. i'm sure babers has his moments too. but the thing is you love eachother SO much, that you are gentle with eachother when this happens, you make up and go on. thats life hon. you do have a wonderful "non average" hubby who seems to be very supportive of you in every aspect.
so happy you have lots of orders! and for those copycat bitches, they will nevah achieve your articulation, your creativity.. it will just look similar. cant you get a copy rights on your site or something?

take care and enjoy everything!

you are very blessed.


Rox said...

You're so cute with your primping and lunch-making for your hubby! I feel like a jaded old cow reading this! Hahah! I'm so happy that you are doing this. I only wish I was a jewelery person because I'd buy a ton and keep you busy!

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