Saturday, September 05, 2009

Shh... Can you hear it?

Its the sounds of another happy morning.

The clink of my spoon against my pretty blue cereal bowl, filled to the brim with Lucky Charms. The mini puppy sighing as she naps in her bed. The tap tapping of my nails on the keyboard. The aquarium's trinkling water noises.

The only thing that would make this morning better is having my Baber home. To eat cereal beside me; its our weekend ritual now. To try to kiss me before I've brushed my teethies while I fuss and duck.

I miss him. He's been working so hard lately on this new project at work. Every morning I wake with him before the sun is up. I pretend its to make his lunch, today with pineapple chunks and turkey and cheese sammiches and lots of sweet snacks for his sweet tooth. But mostly, I wake early to see more of him, to get a few more cuddles in, a couple more hugs in, one more kiss in.

Everything happens for a reason... I hear this running through my head over and over these days. I was laid off twice in two years at two different jobs due to lack of work in my field. Couldn't help but to think that this was a sign. I had been much busier than usual with my jewelry, so I went for it.

Financially, we knew things would be different for a few months so I have been careful with groceries, combining all my errands in one day to reduce gas use, etc. The week I'm laid off, the contractor of the crew J is working with brings him an ice chest full of specialty meats, to thank him for his work. My parents bought seafood from a man at Daddy's work and gave everyone in the family shrimp as a treat just days before I was laid off. J's parents sent us home with some chops as well.

I don't have to buy meat for a month.

And J is working serious overtime these days. I miss him around, to make me laugh and love me, but I know we need his overtime right now. And I appreciate him so much, how he's working his butt off to provide for us. Not that I'm not providing, its just that he's going to be the big bread winner for now while my business is building. I just can't help but feel like things really do happen for a reason. And that God works in mysterious ways.

Enough of that. I'm feeling quite thoughtful this morning but I must stop before I get weepy. These days a Pampers commercial can send me into tears.

Hope you all have a relaxing long weekend. I'm off to enjoy the sounds of morning a little bit longer...


Rox said...

The laws of attraction are hard at work in your world!

jason said...

I love that story

C said...

honey, you are coming into your own... finding your place in the world of happiness. appreciating what you have and letting the blessings you have been given, embrace you. you deserve every good thing that comes your way. and i agree with you that everything happens for a reason. whether it be food given, or a gift from heaven....

are those baby noises i hear....?


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