Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Long Weekends & Serious Randomness

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. We sure did. Ours included:

Lotsa jewelry orders received. Woot.
Great friends.
Strawberry margaritaness.
Riding on the river on my lil bro's Teryx.
Baber silliness
Big bowls of chili with loved ones.
Maw Maw sneaking peppermints in J's candy stash (cuz he loves them so).

This morning I got a request for custom boutineers for a wedding. Wowza! I'm stoked to try my hand at this. I've been doing bridal jewelry for years, but boutineers? And the chic is super quirky but stylish with her good taste, so I am going to have fun with this. One word: peacock feathers. Oh shoot, that's TWO words...

Speaking of weddings, I'm currently doing bridesmaid and bridal jewelry for two fabulous ladies. I'll post pics soon!

Is anyone up early enough to appreciate VH1 in the mornings? I MISS videos!! VH1 has them on for a good part of the morning.

My craft room is getting spruced up. J set up the new computer last night while I tried my best at organizing. I'm thinking shelves, window boxes, a new table, maybe some wicker baskets. Anyone want to share their organizing tricks?

Alright, let me get busy. I just felt like popping in to say hi.

Hi. And cheers to a short work week!!


Rox said...

I use lots of bins and labels in my craft room. Plastic stackable pull out drawers too!

I can't wait to see what you do with peacock feathers!

C said...

i can picture you in a little room with crafty stuffs everywhere. a bright, open window room with cheery colored walls. all i can picture that you havent mentioned is a few things hanging here and there, to bring in sunshine, to add some whimsicalness, some chimes, or moblies to inspire you. and a collection of stained glass little window suction cuppy thingies. oh. of course some inspiring tunes playing in the background. ok, now i wanna be there with ya, comfy cozy in your "office." dont forget to add some aroma fusion in the room too. i figure if you tap into all of your senses it will surely inspire your deepest reservoirs of creativity. ya know what i mean, vern?



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