Sunday, February 28, 2010

Attention Fleur de Lis Addicts

Today while thrifting I met a new vendor. A woman who loves fleur de lis jewelry so much that she had to go into business selling it to justify her purchasing. She had the same complaint as I - boutiques and shops who jack up the price of fleur de lis jewelry just because its a hot item, just because of the name.

I've made a little business deal with her and will be ordering fleur de lis pieces from her on a regular basis. At a reasonable price.

Who doesn't love affordable jewelry?

Sneak peek? Yes please. I'll have some sample pieces I got from her today to sell to you tomorrow as well.

Hammered Fleur de Lis Pendant on Chain $20 (Estimated boutique price $30)

Linked Fleur de Lis Bracelet with magnetic clasp $14 (Estimated boutique price $20)

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