Friday, February 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up: Valentine's Day, Baby and My Sissy

It's early Friday morning. My belly is full of hashbrowns and eggs. Puppy is snoring in her bed just feet away from me while I'm making the day's to-do list.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant. I'm officially out of my first trimester!

Valentine's Day

Baber and I aren't big into making a fuss over Valentine's Day, but seeing as I'm with child we wanted to do a little something special. We asked my Jillry Facebook fans to help us decide on something memorable to do and turned it into a jewelry giveaway.

A friend and Jillry fan, Amanda, had the winning Valentine's Day plans for us: Make the day about baby and us, with no extra fuss. She suggested a dinner with little to no clean up, so we ate at Gino's because I was craving Italiano. Next we visited Books a Million at Amanda's request to purchase a baby journal to write in for baby. We also purchased a baby names book. Before heading home we stopped at J's favorite, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, to pick up his favorite treat: Tiger Butter.

Once home, we jumped in bed to relax with full bellies and talked about our future together while flipping through our new baby books. What a beautiful day. :)

Pregnancy Update

In the past few weeks I've gotten my energy back and seem to need naps less and less. I can also cook pretty much anything now without getting sick from the smell and can eat more than just potatoes! Its good to get back into the swing of things. (Now if I can just get my craft room organized...)

This week I purchased my first pieces of maternity clothing. I was thrilled to learn that maternity jeans were not only comfortable, but super cute! As a special treat to myself, I plan to create jewelry to go with my new clothing, something I never do. I'll be sure to post photos of my new outfits and jewelry to match!

I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with my prenatal vitamins.

LOVE: Strong, healthy, long nails. Even if I have to cut them nearly every week.

HATE: Having to cut my hair so often!

Baberbean's Heartbeat!

This Tuesday we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. We expected it to be an overly emotional moment for us, but we just kept laughing and smiling from ear to ear. I have a little horse galloping in my belly! My tummy kept jumping under the dophler instrument when I laughed, so I kept apologizing and then laughing again. Hearing our baby's heartbeat pretty much made the week for us.

A New Beginning For Sister

My sister has left the salon she opened with two other stylists for greener pastures. Her previous work environment was unhealthy and stressful. I had seen my normally calm, happy sister slowly turn into a quiet, stressed out woman with stomach problems due to the drama of the workplace she had originally hoped to be her dream salon.

She finally had enough and I am so proud of her for bettering her career and well being. The salon she will be working in has mature, professional stylists who are friendly and dress like stylists should. The colors in the salon are beautiful, neutral colors that are conducive to a calming work environment. She has a huge workspace, something I can't wait to plop my booty in for a little pampering!

I know I haven't written much about my sister and her salon before now, but her change of scenery has made me to relive my past work environments. I've worked in offices with chauvinist, abusive bosses, and offices where other women would pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back to get ahead.

Something that I advocate more than ever now is loving what you do and doing what is good for you. There's nothing worse than taking a rough day home with you and dreading work the next morning. I'm not saying everyone should quit their current job and become their own boss, but I am saying that those who are stressed or have noticed extreme changes in mood and personality should really consider a career or workplace change. It could make all the difference in your life, a life that isn't long enough to waste on a negative work environment.


Polgara said...

When i was pregnant with Imogen the midwives told us that if the heartbeat sounded like a train it was a boy and if it sounded like a galloping horse it was a girl!
Chris insisted every time it sounded like a train and we had a girl lol
Another one of those tales people tell you when you are pregnant but you neber know....
I'm 13 weeks on Monday :0)
Pol x

Sydney said...

So long 1st Trimester!! Yay!

I wish your sister the best of luck at the new salon, I couldn't imagine working in such a rough environment like that. Women can be so catty and evil. I hope she finds that happiness again :)

Chloe said...

I am so excited and happy for you!!! They say it should get easier as you go along.

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