Friday, February 05, 2010

Trial and Error

*sweep sweep* *dust dust* There. Hello blog. I've missed you.

<--- That's our bebe's crib, isn't it pretty? *sigh*

It's 7:08 a.m. The sun is finally up and so am I. It's Friday, and tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant.

The weeks of being sick are long gone now, and like everyone close to me said with encouragement, I already can hardly remember them. So, no more "only child" jokes coming from my mouth. (I think I just heard my handsome husband sigh with relief.)

I'm a "fixer" by heart. Find something wrong and I love to analyze and inspect in order to fix it. Same goes with my pregnancy. Baber and I aren't much for medicine-taking, we try to find the problems to our aches and pains before running to the medicine cabinet. So starting out with pretty good health (knock on wood) and suddenly going through bouts of nausea, indigestion, heart burn - things I've never experienced before - was a bit trying for me. After much trial and error, I've closed the medicine cabinet again. Drink carbonated drinks sparingly. No tomato sauce. And the list goes on.

In doing this, I've become so much more aware of things. I realize now that everything we go through during our pregnancy is just our body's way of preparing us for when the baby arrives.

Now, I know that seems like a big ole "DUH" but, this is my first pregnancy and every little thing I'm experiencing is so special to me, I want to shout about it from the roof tops. So while it may seem obvious, it wasn't so obvious to me until now.

I've been told that when the baby comes you will never sleep again. I've decided not to fully believe that, but let's just go with it. For a woman who once hit the pillow and slept like a dream, waking up 6 times in the middle of the night to visit the potty is just plain torture. But, when the baby comes, waking up so often in the night will seem so natural to me.

When my body is uncomfortable and screaming at me for attention, I really listen to it and give it what it needs. Water, fruit, sleep. One day soon I'll be doing the same for our baby.

I asked J if he felt like he was waiting for the baby. He smiled, I think because he knew just exactly what I meant. Sure, we go through every day living: work, bills, dinner, chores, snuggles, Words with Friends on iphone... *snort* But, sometimes when I'm reading before bedtime and I have my hand on my tummy, I think "We're just waiting, waiting for he/she to arrive." Like we're in the waiting room called Life, reading and cooking and working just to pass the time until we can meet our little one. I've got tears welling up in my eyes right now just trying to type it. Man am I going to be a mess when the little bean does get here!

I'll close shop for now. I woke this morning excited, today is the last day of the trunk show I'm holding online for Jillry. I am completely amazed at the response and the success of the show, it could not have come at a better time for us. So I'm counting orders in my head in bed at 6:30 a.m., may as well get up. Never would I have thought I'd actually be doing something for a living that I love so much, that even sleep couldn't get in the way of it.

Its a wonderful life, isn't it?

xo Mama


Crissy said...

Made me tear up too.

Polgara said...

You can really start to enjoy your pregnancy now, reading your post reminded me of last time and made me more excited about this time so thank you :0)
Pol x

Margen said...

yeah!!!! You are back!! My bloggy thoughts have missed your bloggy thoughts!! SO glad to hear that things are looking up for you and your preggo journey- makes me breathe a littel easier knowing that people (like me) can do this. D and I are contemplating starting a family right away- the thought excites me and scares the daylights out of me at the same time....

Sydney said...

This post just made me smile the whole way thru Jill!!

BTW, you and J have amazing taste in cribs...Owen's is just like that one but in a Cherry wood finish, hehe. Great minds as they say, lol.

C said...

if you think this has passed so quickly,just wait till the beaner arrives and the days will fly. sooooooo important to cherish every moment. i do not like to be woken up at night but i will tell you that some of my warmest memories are of getting up in the still of the night, surrounded by darkness, making my way to someone who's calling me in a tiny voice-

ahh the anticipation, finally you see your baby and you know he/she needs you- as you outstretch your arms to pick baby up, there is no better feeling in the world, jill.... you wont mind getting up, in fact, you will look forward to it.. and as you rock in the night feeding your little one, what seems like a sleepy moment will turn out to be a tender, warm, loving memory that you will wish you could re-live when your child is older.

so dont listen to the sissies who didnt enjoy things like that. you WILL. they will be your moments, with your little one, mommy moments....

cant wait to see what you have!


學生 said...

上來逛逛,既來之,打聲招呼,留言支持一下囉!祝你一切平安! ..................................................

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