Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rolaids, stargazer lillies and sweet friends.

It's 4:oopm. I'm sitting on the couch with a glass of peach tea and a full heart.

Never did I expect so many people to contact me after my last blog post. I'm ridden with guilt because my innocent, most supportive friends all sent messages with hopes that they had not offended me.

Let's state the obvious: I'm a sensitive person. (If I hear one of you fake a gasp like you're surprised I'm coming through the screen.) We all know that pregnant women are known to be sensitive as well, so there you have it - I got the double whammy.

When you're feeling low and sick, the last thing you want to hear is the bad stuff. I've had a string of bad days and I think it finally caught up with me. Not to sweep the negative comments under the rug: they do affect me. But, I'd like to switch back to the good and get on with it. So thank you, friends, for your concern and sweet messages. ((hug)) I'm a lucky girl to have you in my life.

Back to the good... Like today, for instance. The Baberhusband came home early and declared it was the perfect day for a lunch date. He was patient as I got ready at the pace of a slug. He was patient when I told him I wanted Subway. No, a cheeseburger. No, Mexican. No, I really do want a cheeseburger.

We settled in at Sammy's (a local restaurant), I ordered a cheeseburger and side salad, he ordered a brisket poboy and fries. When his showed up with tomatoes on it, I nearly lost it.

"You have GOT to do something with those things," I sort of blurped out, hand covering mouth. He sweetly tucked them into a napkin and pushed them aside.

"Want a bite?" he asks, shoving his fatty smelly brisket sandwich in my direction. I put my cheeseburger down and bid it farewell. "No, it stinks."

I ask the waitress if she would mind switching my Diet Coke to tea. She asks if it tastes funny, to which I reply "Yes, but its probably just me." I'm already over this lunch-out deal.

So at this point J is snickering at me, he's actually enjoying this. Says "You don't want a bite of my sandwich??" I fake a barfing sound and threaten him with his life. He tells me if I want, he'll eat over there, pointing to a far table. Or that he could bag it up and eat it later, sighing like he's all neglected. I look up, thinking of what I can get away with here in public, surely stomping on his little toe will do, when I see his grin. He's clearly pleased with himself.

I can't help it, I get the giggles.

We were supposed to hit Walmart for the grocery shopping I just can't seem to do these days, but after the restaurant I was feeling worse, so J insisted he take me home. Said he would come back for the shopping later. After a small discussion, I give in.

Next stop, the pharmacy for heartburn meds. Oh the joy. Fruit flavored Rolaids. Yum.

Stepping out of the pharmacy, J grabs my hand and walks to the next shop. The florist.

"I want to buy the Baberwife a flower. To make her feel better," he says, and this time it is me that is truly pleased with him. I let him drag me into the florist while he picks out a stargazer lily, my favorite, and hands it to me. I feel a little fussed over, so I'm a bit embarrassed at first and then it hits me: he's happy. Happy and supportive and trying to do any little thing he can to make me feel better.

A lilly for my Jilly, he says as we get in the car. The flower is beautiful and I'm beaming from ear to ear.


Rox said...

Ahhh that dude is a keeper! :o)

Crissy said...

Aww, I'm happy too!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, i was just reading through your blog. Congrats! you're having a baby, how exciting.
Have you tried soda crackers for the morning sickness? Eat some first thing in the morning.

Juliana said...

Awwww so sweet those are one of my favorite flowers. Pregnancy is tough--all around. You have every right to feel that way and this is coming from someone who was on bedrest for almost nine months and right now cannot safely have anymore children. Really though, it is hard and very emotional. You are told you are supposed to feel a certain way, and I think it is wonderful that you were honest and raw...because it will make you a better person and mother.

I look forward to reading your blog! I am actually doing my 2nd giveaway! Come on by and check it out...I am givingaway an InStyler! I think it is a pretty big deal--well that was until I found out that blogger who was giving away the new matress! Still-I think it is a big deal for me! Anyhow, it is nice to "meet" you.


S and O said...

how sweeeeeet is this post!!!!
I gave you an award:)

Damsel Underdressed said...

Oh honey! This post made my heart smile. :)

dor said...

I have tears.
You are loved.

dorcontest at gmail dot com
Canadian girl

Chloe said...

Your husband is such a sweet, sweet man. You're both very lucky to have each other.

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