Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesdays with Jillry

Hi everyone! I'm starting a new, temporary thing with Jillry as a way to still provide new pretties for my awesome customers and get the rest I need in this important growing stage in my pregnancy. Its very simple and not unlike the usual, but I'll do a quick run-down for my new customers and those who love instructions. ;)

* Tuesdays I will do single posts of new jewelry on my Facebook fan page. Meaning, I'll post new pieces one at a time, likely scattered throughout the day with details on price, size, light description, etc. I will give everyone a fair heads up before I start posting so you can snag the items you want. (Facebook keeps changing up the way photos post on fan pages so I'm currently unable to post all of my pretties at once in a folder and get the details up before you see them. Posting in single will help avoid confusion until I can figure something out.)

* How to shop: If you see an item you want, just post MINE or I WANT, etc. below the photo and its yours.

* How to purchase: When you are done shopping OR come Wednesday (whichever comes first) simply post to my facebook wall when you are ready to check out. I accept Paypal (debit/credit) and will need your email address to send an invoice to - I also accept check by mail.

* Shipping: I keep my shipping costs low and ship via USPS from Baton Rouge, LA. I weigh your items but it usually works out to be $2.25 for the first item plus .25 cents per each additional item. I rarely ship packages that cost more than $2.75 to ship, so you'll always have low shipping costs.

* Please allow 2 days for packing and shipping. I close orders in the order I am contacted first, so the earlier you post that you are ready to check out to my wall the faster you will get your new pretties! If you do not contact me, I will contact you - but it will delay the process a bit so please be patient. (Thank you, thank you!)

* Please, PLEASE be considerate of my time and other's wants: if you do not plan to purchase the items you claim, DO NOT COMMENT. I offer shopping on my facebook page because its fun and easy for my customers, but its more work and organizing for me.

Please let me know if you have any questions by commenting on this post, posting on my Facebook wall OR emailing me at

Thanks for your love and support.

Have fun! xo Jill

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Polgara said...

Dying to hear how you and baby are doing??
Pol x

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