Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My husband's to-do list

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Due to some minor health set-backs for this prego, the Baberhusband is busier than ever with honey-do's and taking over many of Mama's usual daily do's. I thought I'd help him out with a list, because we all know how much I lurve lists...


1. Help Mama Whale out of bed. Shove if necessary.
2. Fill Mini Monster's water & puppy food.
3. Kiss the Mama, pack his own lunch box (*gasp*) & off for a long day of work.
4. But not before dropping Jillry packages in the mailbox, which is WAY too far for Mama to walk these days...
5. After work, take over the grocery shopping for the week. (I fear for J with this one, he has SEVERE SCS - Shopping Cart Syndrome.) Besides the occasional stop to Winn Dixie for an item here and there, my husband has not been grocery shopping by himself (or with me even) in almost a year.
6. Come home, unload and put up groceries. (He doesn't know about this one yet...)
7. Bring Mama water, medicine, and anything else she needs.
8. Mow the lawn.
9. Cook Mama dinner - yes, microwavable chicken patties count these days as "cook" - and possibly even serve it to her. (I'm pushing it, aren't I?)
10. Entertain Mama, that is, if Bebe Beau isn't entertaining the both of us already with a game of "What body part is THIS poking out the belly?"
11. Put up dinner leftovers, dishes, take the puppy outside, lock up & lights out.
12. Endure Mama's incessant talking about what's to come before falling asleep and endure yet another night of Snoreface (J's loving pet name for me these days).

Thank you Baber. And, you're welcome. :)


jason said...

That's it, I'm hiring a midget

Margen said...

I LOVE your lists-- and Jason.. don't forget her LOVE for OP salads... that's always a way to cheat on the list :)

Amanda Kay said...

HA HA! I love it!

Crissy said...

Kyle has SCS too, think there's a support group for that?

Polgara said...

We do seem to be week for week!
Whats your due date?
They have given me 31st August
Pol x

Sister Copinherhair said...

"Put up." I forgot all about that one. That was a term my ex mother in law would use. You "put it up" even if it goes on the bottom shelf! That is such a southern term! :)

When are you "putting up" that baby??

Sister Copinherhair said...

Upon further disecting of that one, I don't think I said that in the right context. Just can't wait to see that baby! :)

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