Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kissing with Lips

I should probably start this off with "Have you ever wondered if...", but I realize most people don't think about the silly stuff I do, so I'll just throw this out there.

Who decided that two human beings are to show affection by using their lips? Why don't we 'kiss' in another way, say, like the eskimos? (Though I'm not sure eskimos really kiss by rubbing noses, or if that's just something cute we learn as kids.) Are there magnets in our lips? I can understand the hugging thing, and well, I don't really need to understand the kissing thing... It's a beautiful, beautiful thing that I never get enough of.... argh! FOCUS!!! Okay, so I just wonder why you don't greet your loved one with an ear to ear, or elbow to elbow. Not as sexy, right? But think about it -- have you seen the Blue Lagoon movie? The two kids grow up on an island without adults or anyone to learn from, yet, they sure do figure things out!

Lol, okay I'm laughing at how absurd this entry is. Of course I don't need anyone to explain to me why we kiss with our mouths. (but if anyone has thought about this too, I would love to know.)


James said...

I think it must be animal instincts maybe because dogs and like to go up to each other and lick face (and other stuff).

Tadlee said...
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Tadlee said...

The scary thing is that I've actually thought about that before. I wonder if it has something to do with the number of nerves in one's lips. There aren't any equally stimulating (in the non-sexual sense of the word) body parts outside clothing. Because of how sensetive they are, lips combine vulnerability with really cool sensations. Thinking about it that way, it seems kind of natural to me. Ha. Overthinking as always. At least I stayed away from quantum physics with this thought process.

Michelle Sanders said...

Yeah. You are a strange cookie. But I love you anyway. Weirdo. No really...I often wonder the how a lot of things are established, like the hand shake or even how things were named. Apparently it's not as strange as you think to ponder such things. But you're still a weirdo.

rexy said...

A bit late here, but still.

It's because mothers used to feed their babies their first nonmilk foodstuffs by chewing it up in their own mouths and then passing it into the baby's mouth by pressing her lips tight against the babys'. It is one of the most intimate acts ever and the memory of that imtimacy is what makes kissing so special to us when we are all growed up.

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