Monday, August 21, 2006

Relationship Entertainment

When you think of being in a relationship, there are things you gain from being part of a “we”. Naturally the following things may pop into your head: movie & dining partner, physical affection, personal masseuse, etc., but you don’t normally think that you’ll gain a priceless form of entertainment.

I, however, have.

Besides knowing that I’m with someone who has an equally sick sense of humor that can partner up with me to create (at least) a good hour of belly-laughing entertainment, I also know that I can be entertained without even provoking it.

Saturday night I had a drunken monkey on my hands. Not severely, but just enough beer to bring the good stuff to surface. I find these days I actually drink less so that I can be in complete conscious form so I can truly appreciate these little episodes of entertainment and remember them the next day, 1. so I can blog them (duh!) and 2. so I can embarrass J while informing him of his hilariousness.

Is hilariousness a word? Spell check thinks so. Hmm…

So anyway, J is basking in his intoxicated-induced sweet talking, coming up with line after (very clever) line, and he stops for a second and looks over at me while we’re walking to my car.

J: “You’re beautiful.”
Me: “Aww, thanks babe.”
(Small pause-)
J: “Baby?”
Me: “Yes?”
J: “Do you know how beautiful you are, or just when I tell you?”

I love these silly little remarks, even if they don’t make a whole lot of sense. A little later we both crash, me in my usual spot, J taking up the rest of the bed with his monkey limbs. “Hey,” I whisper loudly to him, “can you move over a little?”

You’d swear I had asked him to get up out of bed and check for intruders. He moved over a little with much huffiness. Then when I get in, I tug a little on the sheets cuz he has them all. I get just enough over on me and he yanks them off of me.

Lol. Okay, this man is one of the most gentle, happy men I know, and watching him scowl at me in his sleep and yank covers off me... I went from being too sleepy to talk in more than a whisper to actually smothering my laughs in my pillow. He never remembers these, but I think that makes it even funnier.

There ya go. The highlight of my weekend. ;)


mcBlogger said...

Ah, how I miss those little things. I soo hope to find it again.

Anonymous said...


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