Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Riding on the Tickfaw

I took a couple of vacation days off last week so J took me riding on the Tickfaw on one of them. After I got used to being in the boat and got comfortable with going over 15 miles per hour, it was very relaxing. We pulled up at Ten Lizzy’s on the River and tied the boat to the pier, went in for a beer and some fried alligator. Wow, this sounds really Southern...

I took a couple pictures of the camps out at the river. There’s these little shacks that you see in the movies that make you think of Louisiana bayous and the South, and then you see huge mansions on the river with an RV and a yacht that has you wishing for the lottery. A bizarre contrast and an amazing sight to see.

Okay so now I have to be mushy and thank you know who again for the fun day. >Muah!< I loves you Monkey.


Romantic Fool said...

That white house is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have a place like that on the river. Ya'll are just too disgustingly sweet together.

Michelle Sanders said...

Riding on the Tickfaw? Looks like it...oh get a room you dirty girl!

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