Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stalkers & Serial Killers

First off, I apologize for the scary title, but its what this post is about. Read it again. Makes you cringe, huh?

Not sure the reason for my paranoia these days, but lately I’ve been very hesitant about getting into elevators with people or running in the dark. I know it seems I’m judging strangers, but its not even about that. I’m being paranoid and I know it.

Seriously think about it though -- anyone could be a stalker, or a serial killer. Your neighbor, the mailman, Betty Jo at the local grocery. I just recently crossed a man that was walking really stiffly down a hall in my office and thought “he could be a crazy.” Hell, my friends could be crazies. HOW DO WE KNOW???

I actually have an ex-friend that I was scared of being alone with because he had that crazy, I-could-snap-your-neck look. But, he seemed gentle, which make me more skittish around him. At the end of our (platonic) relationship I found myself agreeing with him on things I normally wouldn’t, because I’d witnessed the wild look in his eyes during many a silly argument.

There’s a really tall guy with extremely wild hair that runs laps around my complex, and when he ends up in the path running behind me I make a point speeding up and head on home. I can’t help it. In a way I think its good to be cautious... right? I can’t be the only one who does this. I KNOW I’m not crazy. I KNOW IT. I don’t wanna be in the room with no windows again, noooo...


Romantic Fool said...

I think you better go get your prescription filled! LOL! I won't say that I am not paranoid, there are many times when I will see men walking toward me and I will definitely change my route just because I don't like the way they look. HOWEVER, I don't ALWAYS think about it!

James said...

I'd have to agree with das Fool! Prescription check! I do kinda know what you are saying but I guess I kind of like those feelings of unknown. You should challenge them. Might be fun for ya. A bit of a rush.

mcBlogger said...

Great, I was running in the dark last night myself...shiver!!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

It's the BLOGGERS you really have to look out for.

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