Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All Alone

Monday made 6 months for J and I can’t remember the last time I dated someone for that long without getting tired of them or annoyed by them. And the strange thing is that I spend way more time with him that I ever have with anyone else. I mean, we’re practically living together.

We spent the weekend apart and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I exercised like a fiend so that I could pass some time. I cooked, I cleaned and I organized. I went shopping with a good friend of mine. I spent time with my family.

I went back to my old ways too. Yep, I checked in every closet, under by bed and behind my shower curtain for bad people waiting till I fell asleep to kill me and rob me of all my possessions. Again, what exactly would I do if there was someone lurking behind my shower curtain? I never don a knife while checking for intruders. I’ve always thought if I were ever kidnapped or attacked in my home, that I would just act crazy to scare the bastard off. Like start singing Happy Birthday to him, or maybe Kung Foo Fighting.


I missed him. Every time I thought of something funny to say I’d look over at the empty place on the couch, or the spot beside me in bed where he’d normally be laying. AND THERE WERE NO FEET LOOKING FOR MINE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I think I missed that the most.

I opened my fridge Saturday night and looked over my shoulder at the couch.

“Hey babe, what do you want for dinner?”


“Nah, I don’t really feel like chicken. How about Mexican?”


“Okay good! Mexican it is!”

I am a sad, sad person.


Romantic Fool said...

Ok, I so have to agree. You are a sad, sad person. If you had happen to check your phone you would have noticed another sad person had tried to call you!

djmetronome said...

I'm glad to hear you're still together...the hopeless romantic in me is rooting for you...

my the way...every mexican restaraunt i've been too with my ex in Baton Rouge I dont know which one you and "silent J" are going too. But you should let me know, for next time i'm there (march-ish)

randommoments said...

DJ - usually when I say mexican, I mean sitting my lazy butt at home cooking fajitas or tacos. However, I love Casa Maria. While it is a chain restaurant, its their margaritas and spinach queso that keep me coming back.

If you want really authentic mexican food, I'd say Superior Grill is your best bet. The thing about the mexican restaurants in BR is that you can have an awful dish one time and a terrific one the next. Guess you just have to know what's good!

Seeing the ex in March?

djmetronome said...

in march...that's the plan...she'll be home (michigan) for the holidays...I'll (hopefully) see her then...but i'm visitng BR after that...I hope I said, hopeless romantic

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