Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sing Along

WHO thinks its okay to sing or hum out loud in public? WHO told the person that shares an office with another, that its OKAY to hum or sing out loud along to the music playing on the radio? WHO DOES THAT???

I don't do that. If you do that, you seriously need to reconsider your public singing. Its not cool. No one feels comfortable being around another person, especially one that you don't know very well, while they are singing. Its like laughing out loud at a movie when you are alone.

Oh wait. I do that.

Situations that are most uncomfortable to me:

1. Sharing an office that is exactly 15 feet by 8 feet with a person who sings along to music. And this is not just any music, but CHRISTMAS music. I was in the mood for it today and turned the channel. I can't tell you how quickly I realized my stupidity when the woman I work with starting to hum & sing with Mariah Carey. NO ONE has her voice. Just don't do it people. And for some reason I decided that coughing and rustling things around on my desk spastically would make this woman stop but noooooo. She had no idea that it made me uncomfortable. It should be on some sort of documentation in the work place. Maybe the W4. Right after you decide what you are claiming you can decide if you plan on singing in the office or not. All those that do can be placed in the same office together. In the basement.

2. Riding in a car with someone when they suddenly say "I love this song." Not with an exclamation. Sometimes when that sentence is used with an exclamation, its meant in a lighthearted way. Usually the person may pretend to sing the song they "love" karoake style while mouthing into an invisible microphone. This can be endured if it lasts for a few seconds, which has been the usual in my experiences. However, if the person just says "I love this song" but in a way that you might say "I love this man" then you might as well open the car door as its speeding down the highway and hurl yourself onto the concrete. Most of the time this singing is low which is even more uncomfortable that loud singing because it feels like you've walked in on something really private.

I feel much better. Thanks for reading.


Michelle Sanders said...


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I hate whistlers. They suck.

Romantic Fool said...

You know what's slightly annoying? When shopping in Hob Lob and the person you are with is singing anything that comes to her/his head. :)

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