Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sharing & Twirling


I look at others’ websites and I get this urge to create and share. (Yes Michelle, you ARE responsible. You and you're darn perfection of blogginess.)) So I sit on my living room floor and I make cards and jewelry and other fun stuff and *sigh* have no one with the creative bug to share them with. Well I do, but I want to archive them on a website just for me to view anytime I please.

Even if I did have a digi cam, I don’t have a computer. And I refuse to buy a computer. Maybe one day I will if I ever have kids and want to send my distant relatives (like I have any) pictures of my chirren getting dirty in the backyard or making a birthday cake for their daddy.

Doesn’t the word “daddy” just make you want to see yours?

Anyway, I guess if I had one I would still be able to upload. I do have available computers – um, I’m on one now. So yeah, I didn’t finish about the not-buying-a-computer rant. People get into relationships and marriage and they get a computer and it’s just one more thing to do that takes time away from their loved ones.

Wait a minute. I’m totally contradicting myself now.

Talking about wanting to share memories and pictures makes me think of the only other thing that gives me a feeling pretty close to what I feel when I see great photography and scrapbooks filled with love and hugs and grandpa’s and friends. Twirling.

Please tell me you remember this as a kid. I remember twirling in my mother’s living room, her yelling at me to “stop that! You’re going to knock the lamp off the table!” or “you’re going to make yourself dizzy!”

So what. That’s the point.

I don’t really know what I’m rambling about. It may just be my restlessness from sitting here at the computer all day with nothing to do. And see, if I had a camera I could be uploading images of my creations and loved ones and memories. But tomorrow I will probably be in a different mood and want something else. Like a house. That’s been on my mind a lot lately too. So yeah, its on my wish list.

Well, that’s enough rambling and wishing for now. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


mcBlogger said...

ha haaa,I remember twirling around the living room was great fun!

Rhonda said...

Ohhhh...yessss...those was the gooooddddd old days :) having no responbility and no care in the world :) ;-)

Romantic Fool said...

You must have been quite bored on Wednesday! If you were here at your old job you wouldn't have been! LOL! :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I have to admit that digital cameras are worth every penny. You can blast away with reckless abandon.

Plus, you get near-instant gratification as you upload your pics to your 'puter.

Michelle Sanders said...

Now Jill...stop whinning already and get a damn digital camera! I mean the are SO cheap now. You can get an awesome camera for like $200 bucks! As much as you love photography, I feel you are doing yourself, your creativity and the world a disservice by not purchasing one. And if that didn't make you want to rush out and buy one..maybe that sweet man of yours will put one in your stocking! >HINT, HINT!< Besides, I want to see all your goodies you are making! It's not get to see mine!

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