Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crazy Week

This week has been completely exhausting so far. I’m complaining and it’s only Wednesday!

Monday I attended a BOD meeting that lasted until 9 pm and I have another meeting of the same nature tonight that will surely last till then or later. Knowing this, I spent all evening yesterday cooking for the remainder of the week (and weekend hopefully), washing clothes and picking up. Its amazing how easily your home can become cluttered and a crazy mess when you’re busy or tired. You tell yourself “Just pick up the clothes and put them away after you wear them,” or “It would be easier if you just washed the dishes now instead of waiting until its piled to the top.” Nope. You don’t listen and then you’re spending an entire afternoon making up for it.

Thankfully I have a sweet, adorable boyfriend who plays house even when I’m not there. (Did you really think I was going to post without talking about him?? Nonsense!)

It’s so nice to be part of a “we”. Most of the time it’s more work, but if you are with someone who cares about your feelings and needs, then it can be completely rewarding. While I cook more now (just stating a fact, I love to cook so this is not a complaint) and wash twice as many clothes twice as often, I also have someone to lean on, someone to be my therapist after a hard day of work, someone to meet me at the door after a long ass meeting with a hug and a plate of peeled shrimp. Yes, he peeled them too. Someone to num me in the crook of my neck to make my frown turn upside down. (Did that make anyone lose their lunch? If not I’ll try harder next time.)

Next on the agenda – a weekend filled with crafting fun! I’ll be participating with my good friend Michelli in the annual Broadmoor show. I can only hope the long hours of jewelry making and booth-manning pays off.

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djmetronome said...

"BOD" meeting???

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