Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eh hmm!

Why didn't someone tell me that planning a wedding in 7 months would make me so busy that I can't remember if I took my vitamins or not? Did I lock the door? Did I turn the hair iron off? Oh, wait. I do those every day...

Sorry I've been absent - I've missed blogging and visiting, but haven't really had the time. *boo!* And when I do have the time, I'm just not inspired. Blah. However, I've got some big items done on my checklist this weekend:

Friday: booked photographer - love them! A sweet older British guy and his wife that have been doing photography for many years together. They have a really interesting style that I've been looking for. Artsy, yet professional. Casual and modern, yet with the usual old fashioned shots.

I've been told which plantation home is the most beautiful for bridal shots and have to book them next: Greenwood Plantation. The shots my photographer took at this place were breathtaking! Wish I had them to share.

Most girls grow up dreaming about their wedding and such - I was never the type. So, this has been a whirlwind for me and I'm surprised at the detail and amount of planning involved.

I'm also surprised at how overwhelmed I've become in the romance of it all, thinking about my bridal shoot in my dress on such a romantic spot... and the wedding day! I've already got butterflies thinking about walking up the aisle to my Babers. How his face will look, if I'll burst into tears, if he'll like my dress.

Saturday: Catered a graduation party for 100 guests. What a rush! Halfway through cooking up crawfish fettucini and spinach and artichoke dip in my teeny kitchen I say "Uh oh. Don't think this is enough." Thank goodness for Babers! Off to the store he went without a fuss to pick up more supplies. And HE was the one to offer. I'm so lucky. Thanks again FIANCE. :) *giggle* Oh and the woman I catered for said I got rave reviews on my dishes, so I'm tres tres pleased and can't wait for another gig!

Sunday: All about the fun. We went riding on the river all day for the first time this summer and had a great time. Good company, sunshine and being lazy in the water. That's about all we could ask for that day. Then Babers treated us to a little Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Mmm. I could eat their chicken caesar salads every week. I know, I know, its a pizza place. Details, details.

Monday: Booked my caterer! Again, extremely pleased with who we are going with. Mini crawfish pies, jambalaya, mini muffulettas, brisket - I'll stop here or else I'll get hungry again.

So yeah, booked a couple of majors for the wedding in one weekend. Very proud of me and Mom! Now I can relax a bit and work on the creative stuff. :)

Also, J has been doing mucho research on honeymoon spots. I can't even begin to tell you how pumped up I am for our honeymoon! J and I have so much fun together, we could entertain ourselves in a wall with no windows. Give us beautiful beaches, jacuzzis in our suite, hammocks on our balcony - we may never come back. We're thinking Cancun, somewhere fun, beautiful and relaxing.

My favorite part in planning this wedding is researching - I'm overwhelmed but also very inspired by all the beautiful imagery and creative ideas I'm finding in magazines and on the web. All I really want to do is cut and paste, cut and paste, and make an altered art book for my future daughter. I think I will.

I'm ate up with it, aren't I? *snort* J tells me that every time I look down at my beautiful ring, which is probably way too often.

I'll do a photo post later. Off to visit everyone in between filing. Haven't seen you guys in a while...


On a limb with Claudia said...

It sounds very fun! Do you have a dress? Who is marrying you? Cake? Right - CAKE??

Just enjoy it - if you make it work, then something's wrong. This is just a fun party celebrating a fun transition.

Damsel Underdressed said...

That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you. The honeymoon will be the best part. Because you will be on vacation with your HUSBAND.

Kitty said...

Awww, you sound so excited that it's exciting just reading about it. Is it a Christmas wedding? That's so romantic.

Have fun enjoying the planning. x

PS Congratulations on the success of your gig!

Polgara said...

It's such a nice time, looking at your engagement ring every five minutes and thinking about all the details for the big day.
It only feels like five minutes ago i was in the same place and loving it and now i'm 4 months pregnant and it's our 1st anniversary in the next couple of weeks!
Pol x

-Papa said...

Looking down at the ring is better than bringing the ring up to eye level, cause if you do the latter, your left arm gets bigger than your right. ;P

Michelle Sanders said...

Look at you ironing out all the details. I'm so proud! But as for the most beautiful plantation to take pics at...I'd have to say Nottaway. Hands down. But I'm partial to my fabulous pics. This is a wedding that I simply must attend!

fatwonkkid said...

planning a wedding is so much work. It sucked up so much time that we neglected our house. I think our neighbors hated us for the paint chipping/pealing off the house, piles of leaves all over the lawn (that eventually blew into our neighbors yard), and massively over-grown lawn.

I am glad that is all over.

Good luck with your planning

Ben said...

Busy to say the least, good luck with the wedding plans and don't forget the fine pints for the reception.


Anonymous said...

A wedding!How sweet!

I love weddings.

Good luck to you with the planning process.

kelly said...

Oh, I am so happy for you! I just read this with a huge smile on my face! :-)

You guys are such a great team, and a great inspiration in all regards. You are totally in love, fabulously attractive ;-), and each have so much going for you on your own. You come together to make a great pair. I wish so many wonderful things for you!

The place you have booked for your photos is AMAZING! I LOVE it! You can't skimp on the photos! ;-)

And I am so happy that your catering business is taking off and you are stepping up to take care of business! You are going to do so wonderfully! Bravo!

Ok, I've been too mushy... back to mean-spirited banter. hehe JJ!

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