Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunshine & Polka Dots

Move over Babers, I've got a new love.

See this cutie? It's MINE. All MINE!! Muwahahaha!!

Usually swim suit shopping is a very depressing, damaging experience for me. Not enough material here, too much there, strings aren't enough to bolster the puppies, etc., etc. Ladies, you KNOW where I'm coming from.

I'm writing a contract in which Jason must go swim suit shopping with me every year from now on. He must sign it in blood. Apparantly, he's a good luck charm. This swim suit was found in the very first store we went in and was only the third swim suit I tried on. THIRD. That never happens.

Now I'm excited about summer. Now I'm ready to go swimming and riding on the river.

The last few days here have been a little scary in terms of the weather. Thursday morning my boss actually called me at 8 am to tell me not to come in to work until noon because of the severe thunderstorms we had the night before and going on that morning.

Finally, today is beeaatiful and guess what? Babers has to work. *sigh* Guess one can't have to much of the good. Maybe Someone is smacking me around for gloating so much about how wonderful life has been lately. *cutting eyes*

On another note, I'm feeling ever so slightly guilty for not doing Thursday Thirteen two weeks in a row. My life is so unpredictable now with Jason here. I may just have to quit. Ugh, I'm a quitter. I hate that.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I'm getting off of here so I can go try on my swimmie suit again...


Anonymous said...

ow owwww! Hot stuff mama! I guess the WW is doing very well for you? Good for you!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray for a great suit! You must feel so great in your skin right now - hurray! I know you'll have a great summer. Don't worry about the TT thing - do it when you can - that's what most people do! :)

Kitty said...

That's a lovely bikini ... wish I still had the stomach for something as cute as that.


Polgara said...

I cant remember the actual names of the colours and i'm at work so i can't check but i'll try and describr as best i can...
I have a picture rail which will be white as will the wall above it, the cornice and the ceiling.
Below the picture rail is a kind of sandstone colour and we are toying with having a light chocolaty creamy colour just on the chimney breast to bring out the fire (and the TV lol) which has a white mantle and black marble hearth..
Hope all that makes sense, so nice when someone is interested :0)
I'll put before and after pics on when its done!
Love the swim suit you slim woman you!
Pol x

-Papa said...

Cute, but would a one piece look even better?

Ben said...

The ol' polka dot bikini. Now all you guys need is a Polka Band and some good German beer and you're good to go.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Strut your stuff!

Cute bikini for sure.

fatwonkkid said...

nice dots!

You call your boobs puppies?

Ugh...swimming in rivers are nasty. The water is always all mucky. I much prefer the ocean or a pool.

Stacie said...

Your suit is adorable! I love it! Sheesh...I had to shop 3 MALLS over the course of 3 WEEKS before I found one that didn't make me puke. LOL Yay for fast finds!

Polgara said...

Where are you??
Pol x

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