Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Starting

I was going to post about my romantic anniversary date with J, but thought I'd give you guys a break from the mushy mushy with a post in between. Now you can't say I don't care about you peeps. Pfft.

This week has been crazy, wonderful, NUTS. Sunday J proposed, Monday we went to get my ring sized, Tuesday was our anniversary and he took me out to dinner. Last night I put together last minute Mother's Day gifts. I'll post photos after Sunday! Tonight we have some shopping to do, Saturday we have a one year baby birthday party to go to in BFE and we are going to check out a possible wedding/reception location later in the evening. Then that night I'm cooking crawfish fettucini to bring to my to-be MIL for Sunday night dinner. Sunday is Mother's Day and we're having a crawfish boil at my brother's home and then off to J's parents that evening.

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Its starting. It used to be just me and Babers was miles away. Note: I am not complaining people. Its just, I can see the past... my mother in her sassy suits, perfectly coiffed hair and flawless makeup... getting three kids ready in the morning, packing lunches, calling her mother on one ear and putting an earring in the other. Homework? Tie your shoes! No, Jill gets the front seat today, Jenny put your seat belt on. Off to school and work. After it was grocery, stop touching that Jill. Grab that cereal for me Joey. Cooking dinner while juggling another night of triple the homework and still having time to clean the dishes, have evening chats with her parents on the phone, give her hubby some affection and get the kids washed up and into bed.

For the last year it was just me. Me and J on the weekend, of course, but it felt like playtime. We'll do the laundry later, let's go riding/to the movies/out to dinner/to see a band! Now he's home and he's asked me to be his forever, and ohmygod, its starting! And I can't wait.

Wait. Is this still considered mushy? I had good intentions, really... ;)

So much to post and not enough time. How do you guys do it? I'll be back! Have a great weekend!!


Polgara said...

Yes it's starting but don't worry on the days when you are just TOO busy and you feel like you're doing it all you will take a step back and realise how lucky you are really.
I'm so so so pleased for you!
Pol x

Anonymous said...

I'm having flashbacks to when I was 18 and met Derwood. I felt exactly the same way! Of course, now, it's a groovy kind of love where it's so familiar and sometimes it's just a bit easy to take it for granted but your posts about J remind us old married folks what it was like back in the day.

Man, I sound like I'm ready for the old folks home! LOL!

You're already scouting out locales? That's stellar thinking, girl!

-Papa said...

It's not "how" we do, we just simply "do." Welcome to the club. :D

Kitty said...

It'll unfold just exactly as it's meant to unfold. And you'll get what you can cope with. Anything else will pass you by. Says she with a ton of cr@p in her world, but even this will, I hope, be paving the way for something better.

Take care - and enjoy it! x

CarmenSinCity said...

Congratulations on the engagement!!!

Ben said...

You guys are right on track, take it easy over there.


kelly said...

It will be fun, and you will love it! :-)

Stacie said...

I just love you to pieces Jilly. I love your zest for life. I love your sentimental streak. I love your sweetness. It's sooooo easy to see why J loves you so much and wants you to be his forever!

Ari said...

OMG CONGRATS!!! Love your new header too btw! So cute! (Now I have to go back and read the rest of the post...)

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