Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mushy Baber Goooo

I think the only reason I just titled this post what I did is because I just read an email from my best girl friend. We sign off like this often:

Smoochie Woochie,



Smooooochie Wooooo!!


It's tarded, really, but we're just like that. We have also recently started this thing where we email each other really uncomfortable, sick things like "I miss you so much, I've made a hair doll of you to sleep with at night" etc., etc. What's wrong with us?

So, my boyfri---screeech!!! My fiance just basically told me that I needed to update my blog, pronto. What does that say, really? When your fiance would rather you upload a new post instead of snuggle on the couch with him? Someone is sick with it, that's all I gotta say...

Two days after Baber proposed to me, he took me out to a lovely seafood restaurant. Before we hopped in the car, I tucked my 2 year anniversary card into my purse for him, giving him the stink eye. He looked back at me and made a comment about not having a card for me. Well, I technically couldn't be mad at the man, after all, he JUST purchased a rather large diamond for my left ring finger.

I smiled, shrugged it off. But yeah, had to throw another jab in there a little later, cuz that's how I am sometimes.

Boy, did he get my goat.

What DOES that saying mean anyway???? Ouff, get back on track missy.

So we get to the restaurant. "Table for two, Jason," he tells the hostess. She states that it will be just five minutes, so Jason leads me to the bar. Well, I can't let anything go.

"She didn't give us a buzzy thing."

"What?" Jason says, looking over my shoulder.

"A buzzy thing. She said there's a wait of five minutes, will she just yell JASON! PARTY OF TWO! ??" I turn to see what he's looking at.

"Do you want a beer or glass of wine??" He says hurridly. I decline and we sit on a bench. Before we can even get comfy, the hostess is walking up to us.

"Ready?" She leads us through to the back of the restaurant. As we're passing a large table of women, one says "Man, you're really making our husbands look bad!!!" And then I see it.

Straight ahead, on the table in the corner is a beautiful arrangement of fiften white roses.

Okay, to be honest, my first reaction was "Oh, how beautiful. Wait, is that on every table?"


And then I was all "Awww Baber!!!" *sniff sniff* *kiss kiss* Let's just say the man was quite pleased with himself. :) And he should be damn it! He impressed me more in that weekend than ever, made me cry, squeal, laugh and sigh in one sitting. Love him. And stuff.

Oh, and uh, don't you know the words that came out of his mouth? Yeah, you do.

"See? I DID get you a card." That man is something else. :)

All in all, another fabulous anniversary. Great conversation along with a delicious meal. We both had Mahi Mahi, cajun smashed red potatoes and steamed green beans. I had my glass of vino, he tugged on a beer. Had a great time. We always do though.


On a limb with Claudia said...

Yea! He's really wonderful. I think I said, about a life time ago, that you should marry him so I don't have to get a divorce and marry him myself! I think you need to keep these things in a book or diary. Life gets hard - these moments keep things humming along.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Wow! Just wow! You hold onto him, girl. Tight.

Polgara said...

You two are so meant to be together :0)
Pol x

fatwonkkid said... doll. Ya know it would be so difficult making an actual hair doll. Having to collect a single hair at a time. What a pain. It would be easier to just lop off a chunk of hair and make that into a hair doll.

-Papa said...

Way to go Babers, but waitaminute, what about desert? You gave us the entrees but no divulging the desert? How Berry Berry Wuuuude!

Toodles Sissy Wisssy.

LindseYaYa said...

Thanks for finding me! I'm diggin this whole I love reading your post. I've lurked since the love was *new*. I just wanted to tell you- that Claudia is right. Life can and does get hard... but it's the little things like THAT which really keeps a girl centered. And, more often than not, it's the free stuff... and kindnesses that put the 'quality' in your life. Love the hell out of each other... in the end, it all comes back to that. ** xo

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute!

Kitty said...

Awwww. I actually said that out loud whilst reading your post. Awwww ... there, I said it again.

It's so lovely. Hope it lasts forever for you both. x

Stacie said...

LOL at Papa. That's awsome Jilly..J sounds like a wonderful man. You guys are made for each other. and you know..that whole no card thing? husband doesnt' either. not for birthday, not for mothers day, rarely for anniversary (Like twice in almost 20 years) not for any other day, but Christmas? Christmas the man gets me a card...*shaking head* go figure..LOL

Ben said...

Ooof, this one is pushing it a bit; but you do have a good man there Jillie.


Anonymous said...

jealous heart beats over here... ;-)

I'm so happy for you guys! I can't wait to see that the little babers look like! ;-) What are you going to call them? Babers2? Babertots? Babettes? I like Babertots personally...

haha I need a life... hehe

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