Wednesday, November 05, 2008

15 Years, Forever to go

Tomorrow marks our anniversary. Babers and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. Some days I'm so warm and comfy in our relationship habits that it feels like longer. Other days, he'll do something new, exciting and off the wall and I feel like I only just met him.

J and I have known each other exactly half our lives. We met in highschool 15 years ago. Back then we had a little phase of puppy love, but as sophmores in highschool, relationships were hardly something we were aces at. Still, we were good friends. Shared the same sense of humor, had similiar family backgrounds. We flirted like mad with each other and he still reminisces outloud about how my legs looked in my cheerleader skirt. *blush*

And back then he was always the bad boy, and you know how women love a bad boy. I just happened to get lucky and be one of the few women who get to tame their bad boy. *wink*

After highschool we went our separate ways. But over the years we always came back around to each other. Its like Fate wanted to remind us on our journey that the other was still out there. Sure, it may not have been our time to come together, but She threw us together often.

We saw each other out. J would randomly call me. (Though he'll tell you I ignored many of his phone calls, which is the truth. I was a good girl and was a bit afraid of him for some time.)

For a year we waited tables at the same restaurant together. We had not talked to each other for a while, so can you imagine how giddy we both were walking in on our first training day and seeing the other there. "This is going to be fun," were our first reactions. And it was. I have so many great memories of us that year. Like how I looked forward to seeing the shift calendar at the week's end to see how many shifts I had with him that coming week. Or how he used to sneak up behind me and pull the strings on my apron, sending my apron and its contents crashing to the floor. The way we'd clean our sections and cut up with each other while doing so. How we'd sneak off in between shifts to hang out.

One night two and half years ago (as of tomorrow) J and I were both (separately) talked into going out. We hadn't seen each other in years. My sister begged me out of my pajamas and into lipstick and her car for a night out on the town. On the same night, J's friends drug him out as well.

J just so happened to turn on his barstool and peer out the window at the line waiting to come into the door of a local bar that night and guess who he saw? I can still remember that big ole grin he gave me when we saw each other through the glass.

I remember feeling a rush of giddiness, butterflies taking over my tummy. Me and my sister went straight to the bar so as not to look too excited by rushing to say hey to him first. Still, I kept an eye out over my shoulder.

J came up to me and our conversation never ended. I followed him to another bar for a round of pool. There we talked for hours. He stuck his foot in his mouth by asking if I still had my annoying dog. The dog which had just passed into Puppy Heaven a year back! But, he won me over by asking me to marry him 16 times that night. Funny how things work out.

Six months ago, we reminisced about that night in the bar. About how giddy we were and how funny this time around we just clicked for good.

Six months ago, he questioned what I would say if he asked me just one more time to marry him.

So yeah, today I'm feeling fuzzy, dreamy, romantical and little bittersweet. Because tomorrow marks the last "anniversary", if you will, before we're married. Then, we will have new anniversaries. New memories.

Happy early 2 and a half year anniversary Baby. Loves you (forever).


Ben said...

Congratulations you guys, that's too cool how you guys got together.


Anonymous said...

LOVED the story about how your lives have always been connected...I do believe in fate, and it's true in your case. Love the way you love him....stay happy, Cathy

LindseYaYa said...

Congrats to you both. I love how yall enjoy each other. The most helpful piece of advice given to me was 'to never forget what first made you fall in love.' So burning this story and that new love into your heart is a very good thing to do.

You're right, time will pass and your love will mature and grow... sometimes you may feel out.of.touch or in a rut. That's when you have to remember what it was about him that made you first fall in love. Your heart will rest in those memories, and you will fall again. Even years later... even after kids... you're bound to fall again.

I'm happy for all the life yall are about to live. You'll be doubtful that you could ever love him more than you do right now... but there is more love coming. Oh, my- there is MORE coming.

Thanks for sharing, and best luck.

-Papa said...

You're making all this up. ;D

Roxrocks said...

hahah Papa!

You two are so sweet together and him with his baby face, how could he have been a bad boy?!

I can't wait till you have some little ones...then things are going to get zany!

Stacie said...

I never tire of hearing how you guys met...that was meant to be! Awsome!

Happy Anniversary!

Leesa said...

Happy Anniversary. Not sure I celebrated 2.5 years.

yellowdog granny said...

i love stories that have a happy ending.congratulations
and many many more years of happiness to come.

jason said...

I love that story. Tell it to me again mama.

LOVE U 2!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! I loved hearing the story of how you guys finally came together. Congrats you too! I'm so happy for you guys!

healingtouch said...

AWWWWW that is just so sweet !!!!! Congrats to you both! many more years of happy memories coming your way!

Damsel Underdressed said...

I need to somehow save this story and read it from time to time. I have become somewhat cynical when it comes to romance but this story reminded me that I AM a hopeless romantic and IT DOES happen.

Jessica said...

What a sweet story! Congrats. :)

Christie said...

Jay and I still celebrate our anniversaries. Well, we say "happy anniversary" on Jan. 5, which is smack in the middle of our "casual dating" year and the final "I love you and I need us to be "us" only". And this is close to 6 months before our wedding anniversary. You can still make it important, it can be just a day you two remember, which makes it even more special.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Happy last first anniversary!!!!

Jay said...

If you add the new anniversary on top of the old one, it can only equal two words: more presents! That or more sex, but either way you're covered.

AJ said...

This story sounds so much like Aus and mine. How wonderful! I got all teary eyed just reading it. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I just married my soul mate that I have known half my life as well.... anywho... CONGRATS! Enjoy every minute :)

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