Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gifts and More Gifts

Wow. What an awesome turn out for our shower. All of my favorite friends and family were there, even my out of towners.

So many gifts y'all. Like, obnoxious amounts of giftage. I'm still not through putting things away. Some things we received and adore:

Yes, that's Emerilware. *swoon* I used it for the first time last night making BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. Love the sleek look of stainless steel. I just feel like a chef using it. I've been wanting this set since I was 4 years old - I kid. But seriously, this was a must have! Thanks Mom & Dad!

We got 3 tea makers, which was the joke of the night. My friend gave me one because she said it was so fitting due to me being a tea fanatic. I drink tea more than anything, maybe 4-6 glasses a day. She threw a mini tantrum at each tea maker we unwrapped after hers.

J's fave was definitely the fire pit. We've already used it twice since we got it. Its so romantical, sitting by the fire in our courtyard together. The Mini Monster purring on our laps, the cool wind whipping through, the flames so hypnotic.

The bedding, I adore, because it makes me feel all grown up. I actually have a design plan for our room that is created around this set, a natural bamboo, woodsy look. It was also the only bedding J and I both agreed on. (No floral! says J.)

Everyone got along so well. So many people came up to me to say how nice my friends are, how sweet my family is, how beautiful the shower was, etc. My cousin took photos of the night which I will share once he sends over, but for now you get a peek of the craziness that night.

My long time readers may remember Tsunami face. It was funny as we were taking photos, but now I realize we posed with this face pretty much in every.single.picture. Tards.

We even got a few family members in on it. Caught my Maw Maw off guard I think. Even so, she managed to pose pretty! And below, my mom. She's going to kill me when she sees I posted a pic of her! Get over it Ma, you look purty! (See her cutting her eyes at me? Ha!)

Me and my dear Michelli, so kindly covering up the inappropriate nippleage in this piece of art. Quite the conversation piece. My dad thought this was hilarious.

After, everyone came over for some vino, fire pit action and plumb sillery. We had a blast. Um, notice there were no pics of J? Sneaky, sneaky.

All in all, a great night. (Though I'm glad we'll only do this once...)


AJ said...

So jealous of that Emerilware! ;-)

Looks like you had a blast :)

LindseYaYa said...

Yea for yall both!!! I'm glad yall got to have this experience in the midst of the final details of the wedding. I know for me, it was a nice '' Have fun nesting! xo

Kitty said...

LOVE that bedding - so chic. Glad you had a lovely time ... and it's clear to see where your fantastic cheekbones come from! x

Roxrocks said...

Where did the bedding come from?! I wonder if it comes in blue? I need a duvet cover and that would be perfect!

I'm glad you kids had a great time. I want to get remarried so I can get some new stuff!

Girl, you look like your mama! So pretty!

Jay said...

What, no exotic body oils or other embarrassing marital aids? Surely you're keeping some sordid gift from our view.

Anonymous said...

Jay's right... there had to be something that you were given that made you blush. That's what I want to see... hehehe

I love all of those gifts! Great gifts! The next time I get married, I'm inviting YOUR friends and family!

Ari said...

What fun! Enjoy your gifts and everything else!

Polgara said...

Its great to see how much you're enjoying the run up to your wedding, cant wait for you to write about the day itself i just know you will love it
Pol x

Stacie said...

Looks like you had a great time! Wow...very cool. I loveyour bedding, and envy your pots and'll ahve to tell me how you like them, when I move from this house, I'm throwing mine away and buying new.


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