Friday, November 14, 2008

You don't eat WHAT??

As I spoke of in my last post, my good friend is coming in from Houston, TX for me and J's shower. Its going to be a really nice shower that we are calling a "couples shower". I felt it unfair to have a "bridal shower" where tons of women I don't know all that well sit around and watch me open gifts, all the while oooing and ahhhing and pretending to be interested. I also felt it unfair that most of the presents I would be getting would most likely be things that I put on our registry, not so much things J would have picked out.

Before I go too far, I have to say I was so naive in my thoughts. We just had a couples type shower given by the church last weekend. People still tend to give you things the bride wants because, well, the women tend to buy the shower present anyway. Moving on...

So my aunt and uncle, who are also my godparents, are throwing this shower this weekend at the gallery where we are getting married. Both sexes are invited. This is for both J and I. There will be wine and beer and mingling. Instead of sitting around in a circle for hours watching me open presents, our friends and family will walk in and both J and I will open the presents together and then put them on display.

I have a bit of social anxiety, but I'm really good at hiding it. I will have anxiety for weeks over something very simple. When its over I'll say to myself "that wasn't so bad." But, the idea of being the main focus at a shower with all these women fawning over presents and asking me ridiculous questions like "When are you going to have babies?" because dude let us get married first for Chrissakes - makes my skin crawl.

So clever, this couples shower I've suggested, no? :)

Then the other day my single friend asks me if she will be the only person not in a couple. Because its a couples shower. Doh! Guess we should have named it something else...

Back to the topic at hand, my friend that is coming in. She, eh, doesn't eat meat.

Did you miss that? DOESN'T EAT MEAT.

This is the girl I lived with for a year who would eat bacon and eggs for breakfast with me every weekend, who would walk in on Sundays from visiting her parents going Mmmmm!!! because the smell of roast cooking in the crockpot filled the apartment.

How can this be? I understand she wants to be healthier and I'm very excited and most of all, intrigued. I have questions for her:

What about bacon?
Do you crave meat?

Can you eat eggs?
Does this mean you can never have a cheeseburger again?
Do you cheat occasionally or is it like when you quit smoking?
Do you eat tofu?
What does your man eat when you're eating... sprouts?
What about bacon?????

I really am intrigued though. Nutrition has always been of great interest to me and I've always had these great plans for a healthier lifestyle *stare* but I have a feeling I will never be able to fully stick with a plan like one with no meat.

J likes meat. I like meat. I'm the cook. End of story.

So yeah, this weekend is going to be interesting. I'm up for the challenge though! She eats seafood, so tonight I am doing New Orleans style BBQ shrimp, garlic bread and mmm, something else to go with it. Maybe corn on the cob or some stir fry veggies. I dunno. Breakfast should be a breeze and maybe I'll suggest going out for lunch and grill her for more info. Who knows, maybe by the end of this weekend I will have converted to a vegetarian as well.



Stacie said...

LOL You crack me up Jilly!

I love that you're having a co-ed shower (hows that for a name? doesn't disinclude those who are coming sans date) They're much more fun than the girls only showers I think..everyones more at ease!

As for the girl who doesn't eat meat...might be a health choice, might be a conscientius choice (is she an animal lover?)

There are different "degrees" of vegetarianism..some are vegan which excludes all animal byproducts as well as the actual meat, which means no dairy (yikes no ice cream???) and no eggs and no cheese. Some are called lacto-ovo meaning they'll eat dairy and eggs, but nothing that had a face.

I go back and forth. I like meat, but only things I deem were raised to be food. For instance, I'm not a game moose, deer, elk etc. I eat cows but only adults...I don't believe in killing babies for dinner so no lamb or veal for me. Also no organ meats, cuz dude..that's just gross! ;P
(however, I don't judge anyone that eats the things I don' family hunts, I just forgo meat when I'm at their house and they're frying bambi in a pan and thumper in a stew) :P They know how I feel about it and they're always trying to trick me into eating something because they say you can't tell the difference, but DUDE! I can not only TASTE it, I can SMELL it the second I walk in the door...

Have fun at your shower!


Roxrocks said...

I think Bacon is Meat. LOL!

I couldn't do it either.

Showers are dreadful. I wish I would have thought of a "Couples Shower" because I'm still traumatized by the surprise shower that was held for me and it's been 20 years! LOL!

Michelle Sanders said...

Meat rocks. Fo real though. So is this D that you speak of? A vegan? No shit? Huhhpphh. Well we will be there to ohhh and ahhh and offer marrital support. And yes those bitties and bitches WILL ask about the babies. They always do. Just do like we did and throw so random year out there and stick with it. Like the year 2013. They will stop asking. Promise. Oh and the BEST piece of advice I can give you for this event and more importantly...for the wedding is to ALWAYS smile. Even when you are bitching that your Aunt Bertha has told you for the 9th time that you need to cut the cake and want to turn to J and tell him how she sounds like a whiny troll that you want to stab in the eye with your high heel...maintain a smile because it is at that time that the photographer will want to snap a cherished candid moment. Seriously. This shit happens. See ya tomorrow sweets!~

Anonymous said...

yeah... bacon is definitely meat. ;-) lol

Let me know how that goes for you. My mom said that I am banned for being a vegetarian at her house on the holidays. It's illegal in her house, I think. haha

AJ said...

LMAO on the vegetarian questions, sounds like she isn't severely strict if she eats seafood. And on the couples shower idea, I LOVE IT! That is what we want to have for the baby shower in the Spring. :-)

C said...

i didn't know you were getting married. congrats and god bless. the important thing here is to just take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your moment, as it will be a very fond memory when you look back some day.


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