Monday, December 01, 2008

Cancun, Pop Ins and Talented Friends

  • I finally switched back to my old Razor phone. I missed the days of being able to text a full conversation. I missed being able to hear my phone ring in the other end of the house. I had grown tired and fed up of people whining about how they "could never get ahold of me." First off, I hate cell phones. I hate being able to be found. I don't like talking on the phone. But yeah, this LG Shine I had before, just made things worse. Only good thing about it was the mirror on it. It would shut off whenever it wanted, randomly change its volume, I'm pretty sure it was possessed.

  • My to do list is getting smaller and smaller these days. I'm feeling less and less anxious. Right now my biggest baby is nurturing the ferns that will flank me and Babers at the altar. Its 40 degrees out or less most nights lately, so I'm taking them in the shop at night. Water. Prune. Fluff. Wake up early, take them out the shop. Hang them. Water. Prune if there's time. Put them back in when I get home. They're like frigging children!! But, I do love taking care of things, especially plants. At least there's no back talk.

  • I did my Christmas shopping in less than two weeks, all done online. for books and boy stuff, Ebay for discount designer hobo bags for the girlies in my life, and last but not least <-- Yep, that's Kitty's place. She is one talented chica. I wanted something to do with sewing for my MIL's birthday, which is on Christmas Eve. Well, Kitty just so happened to share a new creation of hers on her blog the week I began shopping:

Its a pin cushion and needle case. Isn't it precious? I'm so thrilled with the result. I was in the right place at the right time and know my MIL will love it. She's crazy about purple and Kitty was kind enough to create this lovely in as much purple as you can get! At Kitty's suggestion, I purchased pretty new pins in shiny pastels and a new needle set to go along with the cushion & case set. Go see Kitty. She is mega talented!

  • In a recent post I admitted to having issues with being social. Its not so much that I don't want to be social, I just don't want to be social ALL OF THE TIME. I have had company or have gone to get-togethers about 6 out of 7 days this past week. I'm so ready for this honeymoon, its unreal. People just pop in at the house. Call me every single freaking day to see what I'm doing. Really people? Can I have just a moment to breathe? And what happened to etiquette? I mean, we're about to be MARRIED. Are people just going to pop in on us as newlyweds? I hope not, because they're going to be in for a surprise if they do and I will NOT apologize for it! *snicker*

  • As of today there are 12 days till our wedding. TWELVE. Oh. My. God. I'm calm but nervous. I broke a nail yesterday and just looked at it and shrugged. (I'm not a salon girl, I keep 'em natural.) Six weeks ago I would have broken down in tears if I had broken a nail. If they take the traditional photo of our hands with our rings, I guess I'll just have nubs. Jason keeps texting me things like: I can't wait for margaritas on the beach and massages... I'm super anxious for this trip. I didn't have a vacation this year and I'm hurting for one.

  • I'm over the old blog look but I'm having a hard time finding something I like until I can replace with something I make myself. Does anyone have suggestions on sites where I can find cool bloggy backgrounds??

Eh, that's all for today. Making my rounds to leave obnoxious comments. Apologies in advance. I have a case of the Mundays...


Tookie Tail said...

Guess what? I just finished my shopping too! Woohooo!! hehe

Ehhh. don't sweat it with the ferns! If they go kaput! So be it! We'll just go buy more! :)

As far as the popin notice I don't do that? :) I hate it being done to me!! Your ole Mom and Dad like some alone time too! I say...Don't answer the door! Let them figure it out! :)

Don't sweat the small stuff! The wedding will be beautiful and you and I will be the only one to notice the things that are forgotten or gone wrong! LOL I say let's party hardy and have fun!!
Love you! xoxoxo

Jessica said...

I am so impressed--finished with your shopping already! :)

12 days to go. Don't worry, it will be over before you know it. Then you can get back to a normal, less hectic, life.

Anonymous said...

wow! Twelve days?! I'm stressed for you... be at ease, I've got the stressin for the both of us.


I can't wait to see PICTURES!!! And video...? Or at least youtube song clips...? SUPER excited!!

oh, btw... I'm stopping by when least expected. ;-)

Kitty said...

Well now I'm blushing to a beetroot colour! But thank you - x.

12 days? :-O Oh my gosh, hasn't that come round quickly? It's a good job you are an organised person. I have no doubt it's going to be a perfect day for you both.

And I can tell from your mum's comment that you guys have the right attitude. Enjoy it!!


Roxrocks said...

Twelve days. Wow. These are the moments you will remember forever. I can't wait for the two of you to get the honeymoon underway! It will be so nice for the both of you!

I did the traditional hand picture and totally forgot to do my nails. They were bad. I don't care because they still are! LOL!

Stacie said...

Lemme get this're planning a wedding, working a full time job, and you just finished your Christmas shopping??? I have no job, am planning nothing and haven't even started my Christmas shopping! In fact, I don't even have a list! YOU are my new hero!

As for the pop in guests..I say don't answer the door..people will get tired of makign the trek and no one being home and will start calling before coming over!

healingtouch said...

Yes I am from the South! I actually live near Houma...know where that is? I am in love with Natchez...I told my hubby that when we retire I want to move there !!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and looking forward to your special wedding day !!!

Leesa said...

Wow! Good luck with the wedding. I wish I had your mad organization skills.

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