Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Long Over Due Photo Post

So many things to share... but, blogger isn't being very cooperative so I'll have to do another post later with the rest of my photos. Putting in the fence, below, at the new homestead. Yes, that's me working with my most favorite tool ever. (Go ahead and say it guys, I rock.)

I'll post after photos as soon as I get the chance. Mini has one fancy fence now.
Below, a friend's son built J a workbench for his new shop in school. It was a great surprise.

A few Halloween photos I picked from a bunch, below. They're growing up so fast. 8 year old Toot and 2 year old KK. He's so sweet to her, like a big brother and she just looks up to him so much. I love these photos.

And a few below of them dancing one night at the house. These crack me up.

More later. I got a Britney Spears special to watch in a few...


Anonymous said...

the kiddos are cute.

The post digger thingy... my worst enemy. I had to dig so many posts, in the worst ground, for my porches... my arms, hands, chest, EVERYTHING hurt for days. /sigh Glad that's over.

Your house looks pretty! I wanna see more pics!

Stacie said...

sooo cute! I want more pics too. You have a tree house in back? I'm SOOOOO JEALOUS! Seriosly! I'd sooo be taking that over!

More pics!

Roxrocks said...

Is it still green there?! My god, I haven't seen grass in over a month and it almost makes me cry when I do!

Nice pics!

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