Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anniversary Eve

Today the Baberhusband and I are celebrating our first year anniversary. Tomorrow is the real date, but I'm crazy and decided to hold a home show at our place for last minute shoppers. (Hey, he's supporting me on it.)

Right now my heart is full, thinking about where we were one year ago today. Nervous, excited, busy. All in the middle of the holiday season.

We're bundled up on the couch, the puppy dogs at our feet, snoring away. Our new tree is decorated, lighting up the den with a warm glow. Last year we didn't have time to get a tree, we were preparing for a wedding.

Movie and dinner at our favorite place, Bonefish Grill a little later today. Bang Bang Shrimp, flirting and hand holding over a lit candle between us. I've been so busy with weekend shows, we rarely go out on real dates anymore. I miss them. However, the spaces in between makes our dates more exciting. I actually get giddy dressing up for my husband.

For now, I'm signing off for some snuggles before our date. I love this season. There's a reason we choose this time of year to be married... ;)


Rox said...

I'm predicting a baby nine months from today. Just sayin'!

Happy Anniversary, kids! One down, 49 to go!

S and O said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I hope you guys have a wonderful time:)

Sydney said...

Aww, Happy (late) 1st Anniversary!! Hope you two had an amazing day together. Can you believe how fast time goes by.

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