Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gems, Shrimp and Dap

Saturday morning we hit the road for the gem show. But first, a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns first at IHOP where we were waited on by a very talkative Saints fan.

After putting ourselves into an IHOP coma, we were back on the road. We pulled into the Gem Show about a half hour after it opened. To our surprise, the place was empty - we had it all to ourselves practically. I racked up on tons of new gems and treasures. One of the little treasures I grabbed was this cute zebra print stretch bracelet. I picked up one for Jen and a ton more to sell to my customers as a special treat. (I don't do stretch bracelets but have had many requests.)

After 2 1/2 hours my husband was fit to be tied. So I let him drag me through New Orleans to this great seafood restaurant called Deanie's for lunch. The Quarter was packed. It was 1:30 by the time we got to Deanies and we were starved, and I was of course was turning into a monster.... and then we find out its a one hour wait. Which is pretty much the standard in the Quarter before a football game, so we had to stick it out. We walk a block over to get a $5 beer - YES, I almost threw up at the cost - and with a little something in my system we were back to wait at Deanie's.

There were Saints fans everywhere with the occasional Cowboy fan. It was pretty rowdy, as expected, so we stood in the lobby and people-watched. At one point a couple of Cowboy fans walked in with a Saints fan. (Sounds like the start of a joke, huh?) They ask J how long of a wait it is, to which J responds "Its about an hour wait, but for you, three hours," and they laugh. The Saints guy that they're with walks up to J, without saying a word, and just lifts his hand to give him dap. And J instinctively raises his fist to meet the guy's fist. And I just stare, open mouthed, until J catches my eye. "Did you know him?" I ask. J says no and smiles at me. Random guy, just comes up and bumps fists with my husband out of sheer comraderie because of the funny J threw at his Cowboy fan friends. Cracks me up still today.

Okay so enough gab. A few photos from the meal. I didn't know we were going to New Orleans or I would have brought my camera. So many photos I could have taken. These are from the iPhone, which I have to say aren't that bad at all.

Photos are J's BBQ Shrimp, my Shrimp PoBoy, J's messy fingers and the biggest shrimp of the bunch. Which makes you wonder why people call small folks "shrimps".


Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

LOVEEE THE bracelet

Rox said...

That restaurant had no silverware?! LOL!

jason said...

Good food can not be eaten with silverware

Jill said...

Thanks Kel!

I think J said it best Rox, we don't need silverware for this kind of food! :)

Anonymous said...


C said...

aww you got that anon. blogger who leaves spam on our comments... be careful, hon... [above mine]

merry christmas to you and the jmeister and doggie too. you guys are so cute. and now i am craving seafood... god j, that looks so frikking d-lish! they just dont do good seafood in the midwest. my faves are crab legs...... to die for!

love your new line of bawbbles sweetie... its just that im on workmans comp at the moment or several of my family and friends would be getting your pretty jewells for christmas. maybe next year...

hugs to you!


S and O said...

Happy New Year Jill!!!
You are just the sweetest!!!!
Thanks for taking my little snore widget:)

That shrimp is huge and everything looks so tasty (your phone takes really good photos)!!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! That's a cool story about the cowboy and saints fans, I was cracking up at it! :)


Coco said...

Just found your site. Nice pieces. How do I find out-get a list of upcoming gem shows? I am buying from the internet but would love to see items in person before buying.



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